Painting laminate floors

Remodel Laminate Floor

If you are searching for flooring that is suitable for the high traffic area in your house, laminate flooring is the perfect match. However, if you have already bought a new home with laminate floor in the living room, kitchen or any other area of the house and do not like the style of the floors, there is no need to replace it or start over. A simple coat of paint will give your laminate floor a new facelift that suits to your taste. Here\’s how you can do it.

You will need:

  1. Mop
  2. Towels
  3. Paint
  4. paint brushes
  5. paint rollers
  6. painter tape
  7. oil-based primer
  8. sand paper
  9. polyurethane sealer


  1. First, remove all the furniture in the room that you need to paint the floor. By removing the furniture, it will be easier to do the painting process. Sand the floors that you will want to paint lightly with sand paper. Make sure that the floors are clean and free from any dust and dirt that might have been stuck to the floor before you began sanding.
  2. Then, clean the floor after the sanding process. You will need to wipe away all of the dust that you have created once you have sanded the floor. Use a mop or a damp towel to wipe the dust form the floor. Leave the floor to dry completely. The sanded and dry floor will be more helpful as the paint coat will adhere better on it.
  3. Next, use a painter\’s tape to tape of the edges of the walls. This tape will prevent your walls from getting stain by the floor paint. Use a paint roller brush to apply a coat of oil-based primer to the floor and allow the primer to dry completely.
  4. Then, apply the paint of your choice to the floor after the primer dried. Allow the paint to dry completely before applying the second coat. Leave the floor to dry again after the second coat of paint applied. Use paint rollers in the painting process and paint brushes for more detailed painting on small areas.
  5. After the paint has dried, apply the polyurethane sealer. A coat of polyurethane is added to the floor to protect the newly painted floor. Leave the floor to dry completely.
  6. Finally, return the furniture when the paint is dry. You are ready to move any of your furniture back in the room after your laminate flooring painted.

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