Painting your Kitchen

Painting is the easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your kitchen. Dated wood cabinets can be painted white to make a small kitchen look larger, while walls or cabinets that are in poor condition can be given a fresh lease in life with paint or faux finish to hide the blemishes. Paint is not permanent and can be changed.

Because cabinets often dominate the look of any kitchen, it\’s easy to forget about its walls. Yet a touch of color can make a world of difference.

Yellows and reds can make your kitchen seem warm and cozy, while blues can create an atmosphere of cool sophistication. Lighter colors will make the room seem bigger and textures can add contrast and interest.


When choosing a color, consider the color palette of your entire house as well as the color of your tiles, counters, cabinets, and window treatments. Don’t rush your choice. Take as many paint chips home with as you want and don\’t be afraid to consider unusual choices. For example, consider matching blues and browns. Or try trimming with a darker color instead of white. Some color combinations may surprise you.

Painting the Ceiling?

Should you or shouldn\’t you? Most design experts don\’t recommend painting your ceiling the same color as your walls because doing so can easily create an undesirable, closed-in effect.

Unless you have really high ceilings, it\’s a good idea to keep your ceilings white or if you want it to coordinate with the rest of the kitchen, paint them a lighter shade of color.