Planning farm porches

Plan farm porches

Porches are nice to have in one\’s home. It\’s a place of relaxation. People have teas or drink wine on their porches. It\’s a nice part of the house where adults and children both love. Porches are basically easy to construct. More than easy, the materials needed also don\’t cost much. It is seen in today\’s age; porches add a nice market value to one\’s home.

Farm houses tend to need cinder blocks or concrete blocks to build. Depending on the structure, porches for farm houses have different way and forms to construct. The purpose of having porch areas on farmhouses or other buildings is to create a special space for storage, sitting or sorting things needed for activities. You can build a farmhouse porch using low-cost materials from recycled materials or sales. However, you need to plan the porch carefully so as to prevent unforeseen incidents from occurring. Someone could get injured or even killed if the porch happens to fall, which we want to prevent of. Here are the steps on how to plan for a farm porch.

You will need:

  1. Porch Design Books
  2. Measuring Tools
  3. Material List
  4. Farm Living Magazines
  5. Sketch Pad


  1. First, go to your bookstores and library to buy or borrow porch design books to look for possible ideas for building poaches. Country living and farm magazines are the best sources to see what types of buildings can accommodate a porch.
  2. Then, take your measurement kits to measure space for a porch that will be built on one or more sides of the farmhouse. To make entering an existing building easier, you can sketch a wrap-around porch. You can create any porch so that it looks proportionate in size to the structure it will fit against.
  3. Next, draw the house or building with a porch roof supported by posts. If you want to improve the architectural style of the building, adding porch railings to the drawings will do the favour.
  4. To create the railings for a small smokehouse porch or shed porch, use rough timber railings cut from leftover wood. For a farmhouse, you can invest in pre-made railings.
  5. Make sure that all of the farm porches are structurally sound. Plan porches by installing support posts at ground level on concrete footings, and avoid building a porch that has weak solid foundation.
  6. The result will make the porch pull away from the structure it leans against. Check the framework of the existing building where the porch will be attached. Make sure that there are enough frameworks to attach the porch with bolts.
  7. To build the porch framing and the floor decking, use cider or pressure-treated lumber. Start by constructing the floor decking from planks laid side-by side and secured with screws to the floor framework to your plan. You could also recycle woods from an old barn to construct porches for the farm buildings addition.

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