Planning your kitchen layout

When it comes to redesigning an old building or a new kitchen, it can be overwhelming. It happens when you simply consider the sheer number of materials and designs available. The first step to achieve a successful design is to understand the basics of laying out a kitchen. You are well on your way to designing the kitchen of your dreams if you understand just a few of these elements. To start your plan, you will need kitchen design magazines and books to give you some inspirations and at the same time, prepare a realistic budget to achieve the result that you desire.

Here are the steps on how to plan your kitchen layout:

  • The food area, the cooking area and the cleaning area are three basically zones of activity in the kitchen. To break down into more simply area as the stove, refrigerator and sink area. Make those three zone area as a highly efficient triangle. You should easily move from each area stated smoothly and quickly. It is a mistake to put the three areas together although you are tempted to. Otherwise, it is much preferable if you create a triangle which allows you to move about the kitchen easily.
  • You have to consider what kind of kitchen you would like to have. If you tend to spend your time at the kitchen and your kitchen space is small, it is best to design a galley kitchen. A galley kitchen is a space with only opening and counters and others elements on both sides of the galley. Although galley kitchen can be cramped for working arrangement, it can be quite efficient if you design it well. For more kitchen space and if you tend to entertain your friends and family often then a U shaped kitchen is more desirable which allows for an island ad more counter space.
  • Take examples and consider several things when you are browsing at your kitchen design magazines and books. Basics questions that you need to figure are how much counter space do you need? Do you prefer clean counters that have little on them? If this case, you have to make sure the kitchen design includes more cabinets than you think you will need. If you opt for counter tops, draw your attention more on the counter tops designs and how many feet of counter top space you will have.
  • You have to know how your kitchen is used. If you only cook for your family mostly on weeknights and entertain rarely, you will need to be different than those people who handle guests every weekend. It will give you better control when cooking in your kitchen. Although resale value is not to be forgotten, bear in mind that it is your family that will use the kitchen right now, so focus on your needs when designing the kitchen layout.
  • When you have a clear idea of what you want your kitchen design will be, consult your budget. Make adjustments if it cannot withstand with the demands of the huge island and high end fixtures.

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