Preventing Ceiling Fans From Clicking

Clicking sounds that come from your ceiling fan may indicate that it needs to be fixed. It could be bothering to hear the ceiling fans clicking all the time when you need a silent moment with the circulating cool air around a room. The clicking problem might become a bigger problem as there is a risk that it could fall down. Here are the steps on how you can prevent the ceiling fan from the clicking problem.

You will need:

  1. Ladder
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Lubricant
  4. Duct Tape
  5. Coins

Ceiling Fans


  1. Start by climbing the ladder and use the screwdriver to tighten all the visible screws in your ceiling fan. Ensure that all the screws are on the blades and the motor house.
  2. Try spinning the fan using your hand; spray some lubricant on the track if the fan does not spin smoothly. The lubricant will help to hold the blades together. Don’t be afraid to apply more lubricant as it will not hurt your ceiling fan.
  3. Then, check if the ceiling fan is wobbling. If the ceiling fan does wobble, try balancing the fan by aligning the blades together. Check the balance of the blades.
  4. Slowly try to bend the blades carefully as the ceiling fan is brittle and can snap easily. If the bending steps do not fix the balance of your ceiling fan, you can use some coins to balance the fan.
  5. Next, place the coins one by one in the misaligned blades. This is a trial and error step because you would not know what coin to place to align the blades.
  6. You can start with a lighter coin and gradually move up to the heavier coins. Use the duct tape to keep the coins stick in place when the blades are balanced. Make sure that the coins are placed in the sides of the blades’ side that face upwards.
  1. You can start turning the fan to check if there are any clicking sounds. However, if there are still clicking sounds, you can climb the ladder again and add or move the coins in another blade. Do these steps repeatedly until you achieve the needed result.
  2. Try checking for any dirt or debris that may be disturbing to the continuous rotation of your ceiling fan blades. Dirt, which is accumulated around the blades can cause these unwanted sounds. Clean the ceiling fans with a damp cloth to remove any blockage along the rotating path of the fan.
  3. If the clicking sounds happen to come from the motor part of the ceiling fan, call a repairman to repair the part instead. It is best to do regular maintenance to your ceiling fan such as cleaning and lubricating it so that your ceiling fan will provide a better performance all the time.

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