Proper Ways for Organizing your Pantry


Having an organized as well as easy-to-navigate pantry will definitely assist you in planning and preparing your meal during any occasions. You should properly plan the stock for your food supplies and sundries that you normally used in the house in order to always be prepare for situations in a rainy day, protection against bad weather or emergencies as well as during financial difficulties. An organize pantry might also help you in saving precious time, money and stress whenever you are in the kitchen room. By creating an organized pantry area in your house, you would be able to have easy access to any of your cooking ingredients within minutes thus helping you cook in a much faster time.

To organize a pantry, you need:

  • Damp cloth
  • New shelves, hooks or wall-mounted wire organizers
  • Canisters
  • Labels
  • Small plastic bins or baskets
  • A lazy Susan on a shelf or a wall-mounted rack
  • White color paint
  • Stacking containers
  • Caddies
  • Sturdy baskets
  • Closet light or Self-sticking battery-operated light

Organizing Pantry

Proper Ways for Organizing your Pantry

  • The first thing that you need to do is to remove any of the spoiled or expired items that you can find at your pantry.
    • Once you have cleared all of them, you would be able to have extra place to put other important items.
  • Next step that you can do is to wipe down the shelves and walls using damp cloth in order for you to install new shelving, hooks or wall-mounted wire organizers that you can place canned foods and spices in an orderly manner.

It is wise to have backups of staples that you can use in times of emergency. For instance, having an extra jar of pickles and mayonnaise will definitely help you to make instance breakfast like tuna sandwiches. This backup staples should be added to your monthly shopping list and ensure that it is regularly replenish.

  • Apart from that, you can also make use of canisters in order to hold dry goods.
    • For instance you can place flour, sugar and salt in them.
    • Label the canisters according to the contents so that it would be easier not only for you but also for your other family members to look for it.
    • As for small items you can use small plastic bins or baskets. Items such as teabags, dried fruit as well as bouillon are more suitable to be placed inside these things.

It is wise to use square containers rather than the rounded ones because square containers use less space and able to fit in efficiently when you place them on your shelves.

  • You can put spices by using a lazy Susan on a shelf or a wall-mounted rack where you can place on the inside of the door of your pantry.
    • Besides that, a lazy Susan can also be used for other items such as bulky bottles of olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce and teriyaki. This will provide you with easy access of the bottled items whenever you want to use them.
  • Make it a point to group and divide the items accordingly in one section.
    • For example, your pastas, rice and lentils can be place together on one section of a shelf; canned vegetables on another section while all canned items like crushed tomatoes, black beans etc should be grouped together with the latest ones that you purchased at the back and the older ones in front.
  • Your shelves should also be label accordingly so that it would look nice and organize, plus also maintain a proper pantry area. Even if you do not have any of the things mentioned below, it is an effective zoning method that you can implement in a proper ways. For instance, you can use labels on the shelves like:
    • “Chips and Bags”;
    • “Crackers and snacks”;
    • “Nuts and Dried Fruits”;
    • “Cereal”;
    • “Canned fruits”;
    • “Grab and Go Snacks”;
    • “Bars”;
    • “Aseptic”;
    • “Baking”;
    • “Paper Goods”;
    • “Noodles and Rice”;
    • “Seasonings and Bulk Dry Goods”.
  • Other types of space saving storage that can help you organize your pantry which includes:
    • Stacking containers;
    • Caddies for storing foil and wax paper; along with
    • Sturdy baskets which is useful for onions, garlic and potatoes.

    Always remember that whenever you want to organize your pantry,

    • For those of you who have school-going children, you can also set up a snack or healthy food shelf which is suitable for your children to consume and can be easily accessible by your children.
    • Always paint your pantry areas using white color because it will help make the pantry look brighter and easy for you to look for any items that you want.
    • In addition, you can also add a closet light or even self-sticking battery-operated light that you can purchase from your nearby hardware stores.

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