Protecting your home from cockroaches

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Almost everyone hates and even wants to stay away from cockroaches. Cockroaches are often depicted as dirty and vile pests in the western culture. In fact, cockroaches are one of the most commonly noted household pest insects. Cockroaches are known for their offensive odor and the nature of feeding on human and pet food. These disturbing pests can also passively transfer microbes on their body surfaces including those that are highly dangerous to humans and can also trigger to allergic reactions and asthma. So it is best to find ways on how to prevent cockroaches away from our place especially from our home. There is a cheaper and safer way to remove cockroaches away from your home.

Cockroaches live in such high numbers once they infest your home so it\’s hard to get rid of them with any homemade methods. To make the cockroaches go away from your home, try to block their way from any access to food, place bright lights in the dark places where they hide. You can also use ultrasonic devices that will trigger disturbing noises to the cockroaches and that will result in them leaving your home. Other than that, it\’s easier if you can stop the cockroaches from entering your house in the first place so start by placing a roach repellent that will discourage them from entering your home.

If you are environmental friendly and against chemical usage, there are several ways you can use to ward off the roaches. These roaches\’ repellent methods proved effective to keep the cockroaches away at a low cost and completely safe to you and your family members including pets. There are some homemade methods that you can still try including the followings below:

  • Spraying hot pepper or placing chili pepper mixture around your home or any place that is possible to be infested by roaches. The scent and taste of the pepper and chili are things that are opposed by roaches and it will keep the roaches from moving in into your home.
  • Roaches hate the aroma of mint; even some of cockroaches repellent contain mint oil. Place some of them around your home and the roaches will avoid your home for sure.
  • Scatter cedar shards alone in some of your hidden areas at your home. Cedar woods are a safer and more organic way to repel not only roaches but all types of bugs from your home.

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You can also go to any pharmacy near your place and ask them for boric acid. Boric acid is a safe chemical that you can use to prevent the roaches infestation. The boric acid method is by boiling it in water until it dissolves. Place the boric acid solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your wooden cabinets and it will make the roaches stay away. The reason is that the roaches will enter the boric acid sprayed area and then they will dehydrate.

Finally, it is best for you to prevent them from entering your home at first. That will be the best form of removal for these pests. Once they decide to move in your home, it is extremely hard to remove them. Apply the methods that were mentioned so that you can never have to face the cockroaches infestation in your home. This will avoid both you and your family from involving into costly removal methods or great inconvenience.

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