Reasons for Clover in a Seed Mixture

You will most likely see a white clover inside the seed mixture ingredients for your lawn or pasture. Although clover may be a part of your grassy lawn, it is technically a legume plant. It might seem strange to see the clover as the addition to the seed mixture; however it plays an important role to provide a healthy and luscious lawn. At the same time, it will add a beautiful element to the monoculture and simple turf. Here are some the reasons why clovers are added to the seed mixture.

Reasons Why Clovers Are Added To the Seed Mixture:

  • Clover is very important for sustaining the healthy life cycle for your lawn. It will attract the wildlife that will be beneficial to your lawn by bypassing it. A simple example is the earthworm. This is a bit strange and not that many people are aware of this fact, but it has proven to be true.
  • Earthworms are so important and beneficial to the soil composition. When the worms will break down and recycle. The worms will break down to enhance the soil composition nutritionally by mixing the soil layers by their movements underground.
  • The soil is aerated and will definitely have better water drainage because of the worm’s tunneling. For gardens pollination, the clover will help to attract the honeybees too. This, in turn, will be beneficial to your lawn’s healthy growth.
  • Nitrogen is important and has essential nutrients to produce a lush lawn. Nitrogen is needed because it is a building block of many plant proteins that will help produce a healthy looking lawn. You will need to apply a nitrogen fertilizer to replenish your soil if the lawn look discolored or if the growth of the lawn is slow. Clovers will help to fix the atmospheric nitrogen and store it to maintain health. This will ensure a healthy looking lawn.
  • The plant will eventually return any excess nitrogen to the earth by increasing the overall nitrogen content of the soil. One way to increase the nitrogen levels of your soil for a healthy and green lawn is by adding clover in your see mixture. It’s not widely known that most of the clover types feel much softer than grass, which the difference won’t be seen and felt that hard.
  • Clover will remain comfortable and soft under your bare feet when other parts of your lawn are drying out. This feature and texture is useful for backyard parties and summer recreation.
  • White clover is the most common ingredients included in seed mixes. Young clovers have three heart-shaped leaves in a rich and deep green color.
  • Mature white clover will produce a delicate pom-shaped white and purple blossom. The flowers will add colors and look to the monochromatic and plain looking lawn.

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