Recycle Containers

If you managed to organize your trash or waste using proper recycling containers the effective way, it will definitely encourage a lot of people to take part in the recycle programs not only your family, but also your friends, neighbours and the whole community near your place. Using different recycling containers for each and every recyclable material enables you to organize the waste more properly. Besides that, you need to also determine the suitable location for putting the recycle containers and also what type of materials to be recycled. Below are some of the tips and recycling container ideas which you can implement either for your house or office.

What you need:

  1. Determine what item to recycle
  2. Chose suitable recycling containers
  3. Label each of the containers


  1. First of all, you need to determine what is the type of wastes material that you have chosen to recycle whether it is in the category of glass, paper, metal or plastic. Also take into consideration the amount of the waste expected from your daily household usage. For example if you are using lots of plastic or glass bottles, you have to provide larger recycling containers, and if it is in a small amount of waste, you can just use small or medium-sized containers.
  2. For your kitchen area, make sure you place suitable recycling containers so that you will be able to organize recyclable goods much easier. Besides that, ensure that the containers will not hinder you and your family foot traffic, easily accessible and neatly placed.
  3. Remember to label each of the containers with its category using pictures so that your children will know its function. List down all the list of items that can or cannot be recycled and also put up a simple instruction on recycling near the recycling containers.
  4. If you are setting up the recycling containers for your office, try to choose containers which are suitable with the office area and also based on how many employees working in the company. You can also be more creative in blending with your office d├ęcor colour when setting up the recycling containers for instance use wicker baskets or vintage metal tins as container. With different colours for each category, it will certainly add more decorative element for your office.

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