Recycle Wood

Trees that we can find all over the world plays a very important role especially in sustaining the earth environment. It absorbs all the carbon dioxide and provides oxygen to us, plus also giving shades to humans, livestock, small plants and animals. That is why we should give high importance to the need of recycling wood materials as to not increasing the cutting down of trees and contribute to a cleaner environment. Below are some of the tips and ideas on how to recycle wood.

What you need:

  1. Barnwood
  2. Sort out old lumber so that it can sold to other parties
  3. Wood pallets
  4. Hammer and crowbar


  1. Some of the old lumbers normally used by us are the barn wood which is an expensive wood in the market nowadays due to its weathered look and durability. You can simply recycle the barn wood if it is broken or you are trying to dismantle your barn into other products such as clocks or even a bird house.
  2. If there is the need to tear down your old building that is made of wood, you can always take out all the usable lumber from the home demolitions and sort it out so that it can be sold to other house builders or homeowners in the need of lumber.
  3. Other type of lumber that you can recycle is the wood pallets that are used for moving heavy goods along with a forklift. You can easily find the usage of thousand wood pallets daily for transporting goods all over the world. The wood pallets are often damaged or break easily and deemed unfit for further usage, therefore you can use the lumber to recycle or selling them to a recycler rather than dumping it in a landfill.
  4. In order for you to recycle wood pallets, you can look for it at warehouses and you can disassemble the pallets by using a hammer and crowbar. Simply wedge the crowbar under one end of it before hammering the crowbar for loosening the board. Same method goes for the middle or the other side. After that, turn the board over for hammering out the nails and it is ready to be used for other purpose or projects according to your needs.

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