Remodeling a Galley Style Kitchen

Remodel a Galley Style Kitchen

It has been a long time since the invention of galley kitchens. Galley kitchens have grown extremely popular over the years and still very much high in demand. Usually, people with all types of houses prefer to have the galley-type of kitchen. Places such as apartments, condos, townhouses and smaller homes have all successfully implemented the galley style kitchens.

Usually galley style kitchens are utilized in the apartments, condominiums, townhouses and small type house due to the limited space within the kitchen area. A galley kitchen consists of two counters that run parallel to each other with certain appliances spaced along them and the advantages of having this type of kitchen is that it allows you to do your cooking with the ability of turning from one counter to another within reach and of course at a much faster speed. It is a modern concept kitchen without the usage of table and chairs due to its limited spacing.

What you need:

  1. Under-counter refrigerator
  2. Tall cabinets
  3. Micro/hood fan combo
  4. Trash compactor
  5. Garbage disposal
  6. Recycling bin
  7. Pull-out shelves
  8. Under cabinet lighting
  9. Tile


  1. Firstly, you need to maximize the counter and cupboard space when deciding to use a galley style kitchen. You can use the under-counter refrigerator and freezer units instead of a standard refrigerator.
  2. You could also install ceiling height cabinets over both of your countertops and also use glass-fronted cabinets on one side in order to create an illusion of having more space in the area. Using a light colored wood will also enhance the area so that it will look much bigger.
  3. Besides that, you can purchase a built-in microwave that comes with a hood fan combination for your stove.
  4. To reduce the usage of space, install a trash compactor under the counter. As for the garbage disposal, you can install it under your sink while a recycling bin can be hanged on the inside of the door under the sink.
  5. You can also create a pantry that comes with pull-out shelves that can be hidden behind the cabinet doors for storing spices in one of the drawers so that your countertops is clear of small items.
  6. Install a modern style light under the cabinets to add a nice illumination to the kitchen area.
  7. Finally, you could use the same tile over both of your back splashes using a solid color that complements your floor covering in order to create a unified look for that area.

If you don\’t know how a galley kitchen works then this type of kitchen consists of two counters running parallel of each other with kitchen equipments situated right along them. Why do people prefer galley kitchen? This is due to the fact that with a galley kitchen the cook doesn\’t have to walk long to find what he needs. In other words, the galley kitchen style is similar to kitchens found in hotels where everything is close by and everyone is working next to each other.

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