Remodelling your Enclosed Porch


Whenever you decide to remodel your enclosed porch, the design that you want to make should be able to complement the existing design of your home. You can make your enclosed porch into an extended living area using many styles in order to enhance its exterior look. Enclosed porch is a place where you would spend time in enjoying the outdoors and it is also a transitional area between the inside and outside of a house. You will normally find lots of windows in an enclosed porch and also it enables you to enjoy plenty of sunlight and visibility of the outdoor and it’s surrounding. Some of the ways for you to remodel your enclosed porch is by incorporating a light color palette, choosing suitable outdoor theme, adding wooden blinds, featuring slate, tile or concrete floors, selecting light wood or painted furniture plus also by enhancing its decor using your natural plants. You might also want to consider using high-end building materials because the area is a focal point of your house entrance. Once you managed to remodel the room, you not only would be able to enjoy its interior but also the exterior of your house.

To remodel enclosed porch, you need:

  • Suitable color palette
  • Wooden blinds
  • Roll-up rattan blinds
  • Blind hardware
  • Concrete, slate or tile flooring
  • Light wood furniture
  • Stacked stone

Remodeling Enclosed Porch

How to Remodel your Enclosed Porch

  • First thing that you need to do is to pick a light color palette which does not detract from the view coming from the outside area. This is because an enclosed porch normally shows the scenery outside of your house.
    • You might try to use nature-inspired hues like soft blues, light greens, creamy white and butter yellow especially if it could compliment the décor of your interior and exterior areas.
  • You will normally find lots of windows at enclosed porch areas. Make sure that you choose appropriate window treatments.
    • Apart from that, you can also incorporate your enclosed porch with wooden blinds or even use roll-up rattan blinds in order to create privacy along with the ability to control the lighting for the interior space.

You will find that by using blinds you would be able to beautify the window and also useful for other purpose like creating privacy to the area and also reduce sun light from entering your enforced porch.

  • You can also use materials like concrete, slate or tile flooring and install them on to your enclosed porch areas. This is because it is often a transitional area between the indoors and outdoors of the house.
    • You should be using a flooring material which is easy to clean and functional.
    • In addition, you can also add hemp or jute area rugs that enable you to create a relaxing conversational area for you and your guests.
  • Apart from that, you can incorporate an outdoor theme to the enclosed porch by simply decorating the area with nature-inspired themes.
    • For example, you can decorate the area with nautical decor, seaside elements, wildlife motifs or tropical locations which you think suitable with your enclosed porch and its surrounding environment.

If you like to place some plants at your enforced porch area, you must ensure that it is placed in areas away from pets and children in order to avoid any possibility of ingestion of dangerous leaves from various types of foliage that you might choose to use.

  • In addition, you can make use of light wood furniture that can help make the enclosed porch more casual and relaxed.
    • Some of the furniture that you can use includes coffee tables, end tables and armoires that come with painted varieties that would be able to create a cottage-style décor.
    • You can also showcase pine or oak furniture that can add light appearance and casual visual appeal to your enclosed porch area.
  • Suitable plants can also be use and display in the area. This will help you bring the outdoors feeling into the area.
    • For instance, you can use either potted or hanging plants. The usual plants that we recommend include Boston ferns in fern holders or even accessorize a windowsill with a row of bright-colored, potted flowers to add a finishing touch of nature onto your enclosed porch décor.
  • Foundation which is appropriate and matches your home’s foundation can also be created.
    • For instance, you might want to add stacked stone right at the base of your enclosed porch if your house has the same type of foundation.
    • Apart from that, you can also choose brick or stucco for your foundation.
  • Make sure that you also fix any problems related to roofing issues above your enclosed porch.
    • If there is any leak, you need to address the problem immediately.
    • You might want to consider expanding the overhangs in order for your porch’s overhangs and guttering system looks harmonious along with your house’s overhangs.
    • In addition, if you want to add visual interest, you can make use cedar shakes or copper metal instead of using the typical asphalt shingles.
  • Remember to route plumbing and electricity to your enclosed porch.
    • It is useful for you to have a small sink which can assist you in potting plants and also wash up small gardening tools near the location.
    • By adding electrical outlets in suitable area at your enclosed porch, you would be able to use a small television or even charge your notebook to do your work.

    Always remember that whenever you want to remodel your enclosed porch,

    • You must always keep the pattern as minimum as possible at your enclosed porch area in order to create a calm interior for the area.
    • You can also select wicker or even rattan sofa and chairs to add more feeling of indoor as well as outdoor style to your existing enclosed porch area.
    • To add more comfortable look, you can add cushions on some of the furniture that you have chosen.
    • It is good to incorporate a fan in order to circulate the air within your enclosed porch and also maintain the temperature at reasonable level. It is wise to install ceiling fan because it is suitable during warm or cold winter months. If you do not have ceiling fan, you can also make use of a floor-standing fan.
    • A wall unit should also be constructed on the lower half of your enclosed porch, at least on one side of it. This is for keeping books, magazines, media equipment and toys.

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