Remove Obstructions from Bathrooms


What else can be worst when nature calls you and your toilet could not flush properly due to obstructions? It happens frequently to almost every household where there is obstruction in the toilet. Most of the obstructions in the bathroom are really minor and can be handled without the need of any plumber\’s assistance.

Remove Obstructions by using a Plunger

This method is the most common one that is used. However, if there is big article stuck inside the toilet, this method is not advisable and it is advisable to look up to other ways to tackle this problem.

This method is effective to be used against minor blockage. It is advisable to invest in a better plunger because if you get a lousy one, it may not push out the obstruction and perhaps, it may end up pushing the obstruction in. That\’s why, it is important to get a heavy duty rubber plunger rather than small ones.

Insert the plunger carefully and press down slowly. It is important to make sure that the hole has been covered properly. Don\’t try too hard because the article is stuck inside the toilet bowl. Try to push up and down for several times until article has come out. Stubborn article might require few try to it to be pushed out.

By using Plumbing Snake

A plumbing snake can also be known as auger is another method that can be considered. It can be easily obtained from hardware store or any departmental store. This is one of the most effective methods because a plumbing snake is designed specially to get rid of obstruction in the toilet.

By Using vacuum

If all the methods as mentioned above did not work out well, one can opt to use a vacuum to clear out the obstruction inside the toilet. It is most likely that the vacuum can suck out the things that caused blockage in the toilet.

By using Chemical

This method is not advisable as it is not environmental friendly. Drain-cleaning lubricant can be obtained at most big stores and hardware stored. If the obstruction is huge and hard, please bear in mind that never pours the lubricant in as this will not help. Try to use a plunger or plumbing snake to remove the obstruction. Please also take note of the label behind the drain-cleaning lubricant package as most of the time, the label will include information on which sort of obstructions it can remove.

Removing Heavier object

If heavier objects like toy or any other big objects, plunger or other method as mentioned above did not work out. One can dismantle the toilet him or herself before seeking a plumber if he/she does not want to spend money. However, one must check the instruction booklet given by the manufacturer to see whether he/she can handle the job or not. If the task is too difficult, please remember to seek help from plumber.