Removing a ceiling fan

For some of us, removing an old ceiling fan might be a tedious task, but actually you can do it in a relatively quick and easy manner even if you are doing it alone without a second person\’s help. Over time, this ceiling fan needs to be disassembled either to repair it or even to replace it with a new one.
Below are some of the steps on how to remove a ceiling fan.

What you need:

  1. No. 2 Phillips screwdriver
  2. 3/16-inch slotted screwdriver
  3. Voltage tester (touch-type)
  4. A ladder


  1. First of all, you need to ensure that the main power supply has been shut off or you can also test using a circuit tester on the related fixture that you are working on. Then, you have to remove the mounting bolts and bring down the old fixture accordingly. If your old ceiling fan comes with lighting, you have to be extra careful and check whether it is still hot or not. Then, remove all the light bulbs and other accessories one at a time.
  2. You also need to disconnect the electrical wires such as the power wire (usually the black or blue coloured wire), the neutral wire (usually white coloured wire) and the ground or earth wire (usually comes in green colour or a bare copper wire). Always keep the wire nuts that hold the wires together as it can be reused for future usage.
  3. If your fan is using a canopy top on top of the ceiling, you can find a number of screws inside it for you to unscrew. For a ceiling fan that uses a decorative compression ring, you can simply twist the ring counter-clockwise and the decorative will come off displaying the screws. Try to remove all the screws using the screwdriver.
  4. Also by removing the canopy top, you will be able to see the mounting bracket and all the wires. To be on the safe side, use the touch-type voltage tester to check the wires for any voltage. If confirmed that the wires are dead then only you can start disconnecting the wiring and always remember to place the wire nuts back on the ceiling feed wires.
  5. After, you have finished disconnecting the fan wiring, you will be able to see how the fan sits onto the mounting bracket. On one of the side of the mounting bracket\’s socket, there is an opening for you to just flip the fan up in order to slip it out of the bracket. Be careful because the motor assembly is heavy and you might want to look for a friend to help you take it down.
  6. Then, it is time for you to dismantle the mounting bracket by simply removing the relevant screws and bring down the mounting bracket. Finally, there is only the existing ceiling box along with the wire-capped wires that hangs out of the box. Make sure to double-check that each of the wire\’s wire nut is on tight and you have to fold up all the wires into the box for a much tidy look.

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