Removing Chlorine from Your Bathing Suits

Remove Chlorine from Bathing Suits

We all have bathing suits if we enjoy swimming. The one thing we properly don\’t like is the smell and irritation that comes after we are done with our baths. It is so fun to swim with one\’s favorite bathing suit in the swimming pool but at the end of the day, your bathing suit will tend to smell like chlorine. There is nothing worse than having your bathing suit with that awful chemical smell from the chlorine water. The other problem that you might have to face is the risk of the chlorine which probably can damage the fibers of your beloved bathing suit but we have to face the reality that almost every swimming pool has chlorine content. If you want to have bathing suits that will smell as good as new, you can use these methods to clean them. Here is how you can do it.

You will need:

  1. Detergent
  2. Vinegar
  3. Laundry Bag


  1. First, when you finish your swimming and you get out from the chlorine water, the first thing you have to do is to rinse your bathing suit and yourself immediately with normal tap water. The reason is that, chlorine is a chemical substance that can cause your skin to get very dry and damage to the bathing suit fabrics if left too long.
  2. Then, after the rinsing, place your bathing suit in the washing machine. Do not mix your bathing suit with other types of clothing.
  3. Check the label on your bathing suit to see the washing instructions and the type of your bathing suit material. Choose a gentle scent and a good quality of laundry detergent.
  4. You can also use unscented detergent if you are allergic or if the scented detergent bothers you.
  5. Before starting the cycle, add a cup of vinegar to your washing laundry. The antiseptic property of vinegar will kill any additional bacteria in your bathing suit laundry. The other reason to use vinegar is that it will make your bathing suit smell fresh. So you don\’t have to use any harsh chemicals or severe heat that can damage your bathing suit. If your bathing suit comes with strings designs, make sure that you place them in a laundry bag so that they don\’t get caught on anything.
  6. After the washing cycle is finished, skip the drying cycle for the bathing suit. Do not put your suit in the dryer as most of the bathing suits have elastic materials in them. Elastic materials can burn and get damaged easily in a dryer. What you can do instead is to hang them dry outside or in an area with fresh air and good ventilation but if your bathing suit is not from elastic material, use a low heat setting for drying.

There you have it. By now you have already managed to successfully remove the chlorine from your bathing suits. This will enable you to wear the bathing suit again in a clean way.
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