Removing ink stains from your leather fabrics

Ink Stains

Removing stains from your leathery fabrics such as inks stains could be tricky. However, you can still save your leather jacket, coach or purse if you deal with this problem quickly and not waste time. The longer the inks stain on the leather, the harder it will be to remove it. If you want to deal an ink stain on leather, there are few important things to know. These steps will save your leather handbag or jacket from being ruined by an ink stain. Smoother leather or vinyl leather works best with the cleaning method with these steps, so here\’s how to do it.

You will need:

  1. White cotton cloth/ cotton buds
  2. isopropyl alcohol
  3. leather protector


  1. First, check the type of leather you want to remove the ink stain from. If the leather type is suede, you might want to avoid cleaning it with the home ink removal method as you will ruin the leather.
  2. You should rather call or take your suede garment to a professional cleaner.
  3. Then, determine the type of ink stain on your leather. Usually, a ballpoint pen or a felt tip marker is known to leave the ink marks on leather. You can try to remove these ink marks with the home ink removal method. A permanent marker stain from a permanent marker will be a big hassle to you as it cannot be removed.
  4. The possible way to deal with this stain problem is to have a professional dye your leather garment to match and hide the stain as that\’s the best way that it can be done.
  5. Before tackling the stain, test an area of your leather product that is hidden. This step will ensure that your leather will be able to stand the treatment without causing it further damage.
  6. You can then begin your cleaning process when you have determined that the ink stain and leather type are suitable for the home ink removal method.
  7. Damp a clean white cloth or cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Avoid using colored clothes as they will only dye your leather instead, making the problem even worse.
  8. Next, rub the ink stain gently and be careful not to rub away from the stain.
  9. Rub towards the center of the stain instead. Use a fresh area of the cloth or a new cotton swab as you begin the ink removal process. Repeat the process by rubbing alcohol.
  10. After cleaning the ink stains with rubbing alcohol, use a leather protector. A leather protector is a good maintenance product to treat all of your leather products. This will help to protect the leather from getting stained easily.

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