Removing smoke odor out of your clothes

Remove Smoke Odor Out Of Your Clothes

Most people can\’t stand the smoke odor as it can be quite strong and let\’s face it; smoke odor is not a real pleasing smell if you are not a smoker. There are many types of smoke odors that we can identify and be displeased such as in the car, house and especially on your clothes. When you are smoking or in an area with smoking people, the smoking odor clings to your clothes. If you are an avid smoker then the best way to keep the smoke odor from your clothes is to stop smoking but if you don\’t smoke and is a victim in this then try not to get near smoking people, stay as far away as possible. If you are a smoker then quitting smoking might be hard to accomplish. Here are steps on how to remove the smoke odor from your clothes the easy way.

You will need:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Fabric Softener
  3. Fabric Spray Refresher


  1. If you are a smoker then you should have your smoke outside. It will let the smoke circulate away from you and this is much safer.
  2. When you are smoking outside, the air circulation will prevent the smoke from clinging to your clothes like it would happen if you were in a closed environment. This will help you to deter the smoke odors on your clothes.
  3. To proceed, use baking soda to wash your smoke odor clothes. Baking sodas will not only remove stains but it will also remove odors as well.
  4. While using baking soda for washing your clothes, use a fabric softener with the mild fragrance scent of your choice. The scent from the fabric softener will help to eliminate the smoke odors as well. Avoid using bleach as this will spoil your clothes. Although it has active and powerful ingredients, it is too harsh and will damage the clothes.
  5. You can use fabric or garment spray to remove the smoke odor from your clothes. You can find them in any home improvement store.
  6. They have the products just for fabric which you can use by spraying to the clothes to remove the smoke odor. It is fast and easy to use.
  7. The addition of this product is that it has a pleasant and refreshing smell. The ingredients are also fabric-friendly so your clothes won\’t get damaged.

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