Removing Wallpaper from a Wall

Wallpapering is hard, but to remove wallpaper is even harder. Despite the difficulty, it is necessary if you want to remodel your room. This article intends to guide you through removing wallpapers easily.

  1. Turn off electricity

    As the process of removing wallpaper requires the usage of water, you need to turn off the electricity to avoid shocking yourself. You will also need to cover the electrical plates with tape for extra protection.

  2. Protect the floor

    Place drop cloths or plastic sheets on the floor to protect the floor. This is extremely important if you have a wooden floor.

  3. Get a wheeled scoring tool

    You will need a wheeled scoring tool to make little cuts on the wallpaper you want to remove to ease the process of removal. This is particularly important if your wallpapers are vinyl based wallpapers.

  4. Get a gel wallpaper remover

    Apply the gel wallpaper remover onto a sponge and apply it to the wallpaper from bottom. Target a 5-feet-width of the wall at a time.

  5. Follow the instruction on the can

    Check the instructions given on the can of wallpaper remover. They will usually tell you how long you need to leave the chemicals on the wallpaper. Follow the given instructions and remove the wallpaper at the instructed time with a scrapper.

  6. Wash the wall

    Now that once the wallpaper is removed, you will need to wash the wall with some old rags and warm water. This is to remove the glue.

    Now wallpaper your walls with something new!

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