Renewable Energy Chargers: A Greener Alternative to Charging your Electronic Gadgets

There\’s no running from it; our daily routines involve gadgets ranging from calculators, to cell phones, to laptop. All of which require to be powered before they can be used. Here are some alternative ways to recharging your gadgets for the environmentally-conscious:

  • Solar Energy

    To date, solar energy is probably the most widely used renewable energy used to power gadgets. It is commonly used to charge watches, calculators, and more recently, laptops and notebooks. All you need is a solar panel that can be bought at certain stores. These solar panels are available in many forms, including backpacks, fold-up chargers and clothes. However, as expected, recharging your gadgets via solar energy can prove frustrating, especially if you live in an area that does not receive a lot of sunlight. Perhaps it is more suitable as a back-up charger for days out in the sun.

  • Wind Energy

    You don\’t necessarily have to fix a turbine onto your roof to harvest wind energy. There are smaller, portable ones that can be hung out of the window of your car, or hooked onto your bike while you go for a cycle which are sufficient enough to catch a strong breeze. Besides that, you can also use it at home by hanging it outside your window (works best on breezy days). All you need to do is to invest in one of those chargers and you will no longer have to plug your gadgets into the wall sockets for recharging anymore.

  • Kinetic Energy

    Out of the three options, kinetic energy is the only energy that does not rely on the elements of nature. The generation of kinetic energy can be said to be a side-product of your daily activities. By utilizing kinetic energy, you ensure that the energy you generate while doing things like outdoor cycling, stationary cycling in the gym and even playing with your yo-yo is not wasted. The charger works the same as the dynamo used to power your bicycle lamp at night, with a wire that is to be attached to your device. This is very convenient especially if you plan on going on long-distance trips as you will never have to worry about running out of battery charge again.