Repairing a Desk Fan

Repair a Desk Fan

Desk fans was very common in the past but have gradually reduced in terms of popularity, still there are people around who use desk fans as it\’s the simplest and easiest way to keep warm. Most of the types of fan desks are made using the same way. The cooling breeze is resulted by a small electric motor with a protruding axle that has a fan blade attached which spins at a high rate of speed. Some of the desk fans have a small oscillator mechanism that will make the fan turn back and forth. There will be a variety of speed dial but mostly the parts of desk fans such as the mechanics, the wiring and the function is the same as every desk fan. If your desk fan needs to be repaired, you don\’t have to waste your money for others to repair it for you. But, if you can\’t still work your way out on how to repair your desk fan then it is best to call up a professional to avoid any personal injuries on you. Here are the steps on how to repair some of the problems that usually occur to a desk fan.

You will need:

  1. Spray lubricant
  2. Clean old rag
  3. Dishwasher liquid
  4. Warm water


  1. If you feel that there is not that very much air coming off the blades but the fan spins freely, then there is a probability that the fan is dirty and needs to be cleaned. The fan will become less efficient when there are more gunks that build up on the blades hence the less wind will be produced.
  2. You can simply clean the blade by unplugging the fan. Then, make a soapy warm water liquid by using the dishwasher liquid. Dip a clean rag into the warm cleaning solution, squeeze to remove excess and wipe the blades down. Let the blades dry and plug them back in place.
  3. If the power in the motor and the fan blades turn very slowly, it shows that the bearings need to be lubricated. It is easy as you just need a spray lubricant.
  4. Spray a little of it on the axle attached on the fan. Let the lubricants drip down towards the motor. It will coat the bearings and make them slippery again. Perform the same steps on the rear axle. To work the lubrication in, spin the fan with your hand and then turn it on to test if the fan blades work as usual.
  5. Use a simple AC voltage tester to check the electrical problem of the desk fan switch. First, place one testing lead carefully on each side of the switch. Then, turn the switch on. If there is no voltage reading, it means that the switch has probably gone bad.
  6. Be careful when you are handling with electrical appliances such as desk fan, make sure to unplug from the main electric port to prevent yourself from the risk of electrocution.

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