Easy Methods for Repairing a Laminate Floor

Laminate Floor Repair

Although laminate floors are suitable for high traffic areas, you may still need to restore a small scratch or replace an entire board once in a while. At some point, laminate flooring will certainly need to be repaired no matter how durable and attractive they are. Here are the steps on how you can repair your laminate floor.

You will need:

  1. Laminate flooring
  2. laminate floor repair kit
  3. screwdriver
  4. hammer


Repairing scratches

  1. If you need to repair scratches on your laminate flooring, you will need to purchase a laminate floor repair kit. Most hardware stores sell these products, so before purchasing the kit make sure to take a piece of laminate flooring with you to match up the colors. Follow the directions stated on the kit\’s package or pamphlet.

Replacing laminate boards

  1. First, remove the molding near the floorboard with a screwdriver or hammer to loosen it. Be very careful not to damage the molding because you need to place it back in the end of process.
  1. Next, remove all boards leading up to the damaged board. They all are pretty much like a jigsaw puzzle and click into place. You don\’t have to use glue to attach these boards, simply click a new board into place once you have removed the damaged board. Then back track and replace all the boards leading up to the molding. Use a hammer to replace the molding and to pound it back into place.

Dealing with peaking or buckling boards

  1. You will need to decrease the tension among the boards. The causes of peaking or rising of laminate boards is due to an increase in tension around the wall. Weather could be among the factors that will expand the floor because of there is no more room to expand.
  2. First, use a screwdriver or hammer to remove the molding that surrounds the laminate. Keep the molding for replacement after repair process.
  3. Then, remove the spacers that were set in place during installation. They act as support between the wall and the first board of laminate. Place the smaller spacers and press down on the peak gently. Allow the floor to settle and expand on its won if it does not disappear.
  1. Use a hammer to pound and to replace the molding back into place. In contrary, increase the spacers at the wall if there is a gap between boards.

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