Repairing an Air Leak in a Swimming Pool Filter

Your pool filter must operate in a complete vacuum environment no matter what type of pool filter you purchase. The pool filter will stop operating optimally when air gets into the system. In some cases, it may not operate at all depending on how much air there is in the filter. It is crucial to fix it quickly if you discover an air leak in your swimming pool filter. Here’s how to repair an air leak in a swimming pool filter.

You will need:

  1. Plumber’s tape

Swimming Pool


  1. First, take a look at the pool hose connections. Start with the easiest and most accessible area first when searching for air leaks in a swimming pool filter. Look at all of the pool hose connections to see if they are leaking.
  2. Air will easily get into the system through leaky hoses, so tighten the connection if you detect any leak. You can apply the plumber’s tape to the male end of the hose before tightening if you have the screw-on type of the hose.
  3. Then, check the pool water level. The air can get into the pool filter system through the skimmer if the water level is allowed to drop too low.
  4. The level should not be lower than the mid-height of the skimmer faceplate. Add more water to the pool if the water level is too low.
  5. Next, check the pool pump basket. The vacuum environment in the pool filter will be affected if the water level in the pool pump is too low.
  6. Turn off the water filter and open the pump basket’s lid to allow water to flow into it. Close the lid once the area is filled with water and run the filter.
  7. On top of the pool filter, open the pressure relief valve to allow trapped air to escape. Make sure not to close the pressure relief valve until you see a steady stream of water pouring through the valve. You will know that all of the air has escaped when the water is steady.
  8. Then, check the ground below the pool pump and filter for wet spots. If there are unexplained wet spots that appear underneath the filter system, it is evidence of a leakage.
  9. Be careful not to mistake between the filter housing and the pump. It might be a seal or a loose connection that needs to be replaced.
  10. Notice the exact location of the leak to help you fix this problem. However, you will need professional to repair the system if the leak is caused by an internal part failure.

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