Replacing a Toilet Seat Lid

If you want to update the look of your bathroom and give it an extra enhancement of style, replacing the toilet lid is a simple and easy way to do. Make sure to purchase a new lid with the same size and shape as your old toilet lid or it won’t fit by the time you install it. You may experience problems with removing the bolts if your lid is older, but this is not a big problem. Here are the steps on how to replace a toilet seat lid.

You will need:

  1. New toilet lid.
  2. Wrench.
  3. Penetrating lubricant.

Toilet Seat Lid


  1. First, remove the bolt from the toilet. These bolts are on the bottom of the toilet that are usually attached by wingnuts, but sometimes regular nuts might be present. A socket wrench may come in handy if you are dealing with regular nuts.
  2. Spray the penetrating lubricant on the rusted bolts and allow the lubricant to soak in for 24 hours before trying to unbolt them. If the bolts are rusted, avoid hitting them with a hammer or other objects to loosen them. You could just end up cracking and damaging the porcelain.
  3. If the nuts are still rusted and stuck, use a hacksaw to cut away the bolts. Drape a piece of towel or wrap the immediate area around the bolt in duct tape to protect the porcelain. Before sawing with the hacksaw, place a putty knife under the bolt.
  4. Next, remove the lid from the toilet. Place with a new lid and align it so that the bolts will drop through the holes at the back of the bowl. Set the lid on the bowl carefully before threading the nuts on the bottom of the bolts of the lid.

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