Replacing Bricks from Blaze King Stove


The Blaze King Stove is normally used because it uses fire bricks which are capable of maintaining heat and at the same time provide protection to the steel surface of your stove similar like any other wood stove design. However, if you notice that the fire bricks that you are using have started to fall apart; you should be replacing it with a new one. It is a simple task and easy to do when you follow the same layout of the fire bricks that you have used previously. Apart from that, you can also follow the owner’s manual in order to know the original layout of the fire bricks. You can purchase fire bricks which is suitable for your Blaze King Stove from your nearby wood stove dealers. Below are some of the tips that you can apply whenever you want to replace bricks from Blaze King Stove.

To change brick of a blaze king stove, you need:

  • Sheet
  • Shop vac or vacuum
  • Pencil
  • Cold chisel
  • Hammer
  • Block of scrap wood with the size of 2 inch by 4 inch or at least 1 foot long
  • Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Fire clay brick
  • Bucket

Changing Brick of Blaze King Stove

Replacing Bricks from Blaze King Stove

  • First thing that you need to do is to open the door to the front of your fire box and use the flashlight to check the condition of your existing fire bricks.


  • Then, take out the existing bricks located at the bottom of your Blaze King Stove.
    • Make sure you place the bricks on a sheet once you have taken them out. Laid them according to the original pattern when you took them out in order to make things easier for you when you install them back again.
    • You need to pry out the bricks away from your Blaze King Stove by using your fingers. You must always start prying from the front bricks.

Always ensure that you wear goggle in order to protect your eye whenever you are cutting bricks.

  • You must always pull the bricks away from the stove’s ceiling baffles of each side.
    • Then, you proceed to remove the bricks from its back wall and the sides.
  • Take your shop vac to vacuum the stove’s fire box and make sure that there is no remaining debris inside it.
  • The fire bricks should be placed on each side of your Blaze King Stove’s fire box.
    • You can always refer to the earlier bricks that you put on the sheet or if you can simply check its owner’s manual.
    • By doing this method, you would be able to determine whether you want to lay them vertically or horizontally.
  • If the need arises for you to cut bricks, you have to draw a line around the circumference of the fire bricks.
    • After that, you need to place the particular fire brick on a flat surface.
    • Then, score a 1/2-inch-deep trench alongside of your marked line using cold chisel and hammer.
    • The score need to be done across the whole circumference of the related brick.

You should soak the bricks that you want to cut in a bucket before cutting them for approximately ten minutes. This is to help you reduce the dust when you start to cut it.

  • Make sure that you positioned the brick on raised flat surface and the cut line hanging over the edge of the surface.
    • Next, you need to hit the part that you want to remove by using a chisel and hammer.
    • As for any jagged edge, you can use the chisel to remove them from your cut brick.
    • Then, you need to insert the brick that you have cut into its position accordingly.
  • Once you reached the last brick, you need to place a block of wood over it.
    • You must tap the wood using a hammer so that the brick is firmly secured in its position.
    • Next, you can proceed to lay bricks for the back wall according to similar way that you have done as the above steps.
  • Finally, you need to lay your ceiling baffle bricks right between the last row of the side and back bricks and the ceiling.
    • You can make use of the block of wood and hammer to tap your bricks into place.
    • Always begin laying them starting from the bottom and moving forward from the back of the fire box.

    Always remember that whenever you want to change bricks from your blaze king stove,

    • Make sure that the final row of the brick’s side keeps the line of baffle bricks from falling.
    • You can always refer to your owner’s manual to enable you to get the original layout of the bricks.

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