Replacing the Seal on a Threshold

Seal on a Threshold

In order for you to replace the garage threshold seal, it is recommended that you have an assistant that can help you with the task. Although it might look like a simple task of detaching the threshold seal from the garage door and replacing them, having an extra hand will definitely make thing a lot easier especially in supporting the door when you are detaching the threshold and this is more of a safety precaution. The information provided below should be able to help you to replace the seal on your garage door threshold.

What you need:

  1. Screw drivers
  2. Paint or sealant
  3. An assistant for supporting the door


  1. Firstly, you need to remove door from its hinges carefully and if the door hinges have removable pins, remove the pin first before lifting the door out from its frame. If it is a sealed unit, the hinges need to be removed from the door frame or from the door. You need to open the door and after that, packing needs to be placed beneath it so that it would not fall and break its hinges while you remove the screws. You must remove all but leave one screws of each hinge and ask your assistant to properly support the door while you remove the last screw as it might fall on you if not done so.
  2. Next, you can remove the old seal and from here you can identify the reason for replacing the threshold seal. For example, one of the reasons is excessive wear which indicates a problem with the manner how the garage door swings or even the way it is being used.
  3. Always check the bottom of the door when you have removed it from the hinges. This is to check whether it has been damaged or not because if it is, it definitely needs to be repaired. You can also paint the door\’s bottom edge to protect them from water.
  4. To ensure that the new seal can fit well with the garage door, you can compare the new seal with the old one in order to confirm that the new seal is the correct size and type. It is recommended that you use new holes for screwing the new seal rather than using the old holes so that the new seal is properly secured.
  5. Once finished fitting the seal and if any fresh paint that you used has dried thoroughly, then only the door can be replaced. Always be extra careful not to damage the hinges. Always do this step together with your assistant in order to support the door properly.
  6. Finally, you must make sure the new seal works well by swinging the door and see whether your task is successful or not.

After this information, you have properly learned how to replace the seal on your garage door threshold.

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