Replacing your Bathtub

When you start noticing cracks and leaks in your bathtub, it is definitely time to replace your old tub with a new on. The cost of purchasing a replacement tub is heavy enough and so you might want to consider doing the installations yourself. However, you should never replace a bathtub on your own without the help of another person around. This is because bathtubs are big and heavy and difficult, if not impossible to handle alone. Also, before deciding to replace your bathtub, you should also make sure that your bathtub has really reached the end of its life span. Sometimes, reddish-brown rust stains may not be an indication of cracks. It may be a rust stain from your metal-made bath products such as shavers and shaving cream cans. Try removing the rust first before purchasing a replacement bathtub. Not only that, some types of leaks in your bathtub can also be repaired. Repairing a leak will cost less than replacing a bathtub and if you have not identified the leak, there will be no point in replacing a bathtub it will still continue to leak.

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to switch off the main water supply. You may also want to turn on the taps of the faucets to allow any remaining water to flow out.
  2. Next, remove the access wall or panelling to gain access to the piping of the bathtub. Disconnect the drain pipe to the tub using a wrench. Loosen the slip nut that connects the overflow pipe to release the drain pipe below the strainer. You might also need to loosen the tub strainer to achieve this.
  3. After that, remove the hot and cold water faucets from the tub side and work back to the supply line.
  4. Detach the wall covering around the tub so that you can move the tub unit away from the wall. Use a pry bar and a little scrap wood for protection to pry around the edges while you do this. If there is any resistance, it could be that you have not totally disconnected the water system or drainage pipes. Recheck these connections and try once more. Do not try moving the tub on your own as it is very heavy. Make sure that you have a helper around to help you move the tub.
  5. Next, remove the tub enclosure and place the tub on skids to help slide the unit out.
  6. You have now completely removed your old tub unit and are now ready to install a new one in.

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