Resetting Codes on a Star XL 4600 Alarm System

The Star XL 4600 is an alarm system that can store in its memory up to 6, 4 digit user codes that includes to its “Master” code. This is a useful alarm if you want to allow your family members or employees to enable and disable the alarm system. Once you have set the system, the user codes can be changed via the Star XL4600 menu system. However, if you suspect that the numbers has become known by people outside the group whom you actually gave to, you may want to change a user code for safety. Here are the steps on how to reset the codes.


  1. First, press the “Code” button on your control panel.
  2. Then, enter your master alarm code using the number buttons. The default number for the alarm is “1-2-3-4”.
  3. Next, press the number of the user code you want to reset. Press number “2” for example.
  4. Press 4 new digit code using the number buttons.
  5. Finally, you will notice a steady tone emitted by the control panel that informs successful programming.