Reusing a t-shirt

A t-shirt is one of the clothing which is undeniably the most common and popular amongst us. Some of us have a lot of t-shirt collections inside our drawers. In order to declutter your full drawer or wardrobe, reuse some of your old t-shirts in order to make it look like a new one. Below are some of the tips and ideas on how to reuse your T-shirt.

What you need:

  1. T Shirts (ones you no longer wear)
  2. Other items vary depending on how you use the shirts


  1. For cleaning usage (wash car, dusting or washing windows, you can cut your old t-shirt into pieces (cut as many as you want with your preferred t-shirts). Then, remove the sleeves and cut down the seam in order to open them up. Separate the front t-shirt from the back. It can be used for washing car, dusting and washing windows.
  2. Try to make a quilt for your children to cater for those who are involved in sports. Cut out the t-shirt parts that you wanted to be appear on your quilt whether squares, circles, rectangles or whatever shape of your choice. Then, sew these patches to make patchwork design and add some more decorative border, a back panel, and some quilt batting.
  3. To make a tote bag, you need to cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt and then make a cut across the top of the t-shirt, and underneath the bottom sleeve hole. After finish, turn the shirt inside out and sew alone the bottom edge. Next, you need to define a hem on top of the shirt by folding over the top 1/4 to 1/2 inches wide. To make it stay folded over, you have to iron the hem before you sew her. Then, you can also attach handles which can be made of cloth, rope, or even belts.
  4. You need to turn the bag right side out or if you like and then you can add a lining to the inside. Add some extra flair or try the new “Tornado” back detail with tie detail on its side or convert it into a dress.
  5. You can simply donate your old t-shirts to the local Goodwill or the Salvation Army enabling you to give back to your own community.

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