Reusing insulation

If you are used to the standard pink fiberglass insulation, it does not hurt if you change to a green insulation which is more eco-friendly for your house and much healthier, plus having very little impact on the environment. In order for you to reuse insulation, below are some of the information that may be useful to you.

What you need:

  1. Recycled denim
  2. Sheep Wool Insulation
  3. Cotton, paper, or foam


  1. There are several different types of green insulation that can be reused as insulation. For example, recycled denim which is made of old blue jeans that has been shredded into tiny pieces. It is made of cotton and free of chemicals, plus it also can easily be installed without using protective equipment. Other type of green insulation which has been used for centuries to create organic clothing is the sheep wool insulation.
  2. The area in your house which loses lots of heat and also energy is the roof top or attic especially during winter time. Most of your home\’s heat will rise up through the rafters and out the roof. By using a heavy layer of green insulation and covering major parts of the attic will stop the heat from escaping outside your house.
  3. Help stop the heat loss from your hot water pipes by wrapping it with specially designed green insulation. The water heater also needs to be wrapped with thick insulation to keep the water at temperature level keeping the heater from turning on.
  4. Install green insulation on all your exterior walls as a barrier against the assault from the cold weather, strong wind and during winters. Green insulation like cotton, paper, and foam are tightly compact and they provide are much more efficient as barrier than fiberglass insulation.
  5. You can install the green insulation easily using tabs that you can staple to studs or rafters. Besides that, there is also a green insulation that can be installed by blowing in easily before it expands when it dries completely.
  6. By using a green insulation whether for your roof, or lining your walls, it not only can save you money but also keeps your family safe from toxin that comes together with the standard insulation products. Apart from that, the green insulation can be easily installed without the need to use any special equipment, plus it also lasts longer.

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