Revamping an Old T-shirt

Old T-shirt

The easiest way to turn a boring old baggy t-shirt into something fun is to cut off the neckline and turn it into an off-shoulder top. You can also cut off the sleeves and more than half of the bottom part of the t-shirt for a more retro look. Other than that, you can also tie the hem up for a more tight-fitting top.

Another way is to wear your boyfriend\’s baggy statement Tees as a tunic (talk about making a statement!). Put on a waist cincher and pair it with tights to complete the look.

Alternatively, try this project to turn your boring old t-shirt into something fun and sexy.

  1. For this project, choose a t-shirt made out of stretchy material. T-shirts made out of Lycra or Jersey fabric will work perfectly as they are very stretchable and thin. Also, they tend to roll up once they are cut, making the pattern more interesting.
  2. Wear the t-shirt over a mannequin or ask a friend to model it for you while you work. Do not attempt to work on the t-shirt with it lying on a flat surface as you might cut holes at inappropriate places. Alternatively, if you are confident enough, wear the t-shirt yourself while working on it.
  3. Start with the back. Make a wide horizontal incision near the nape of the neck. Continue making horizontal incisions at an equal distance of one inch, making them narrower and narrower as you go. Try going all the way to the bottom.
  4. If you find this pattern interesting enough, you may stop there. Alternatively, form an interesting pattern by pulling the second strip (created from all the incisions) over the first, and the third over the second. Continue until you reach the bottom. You may sew the last strip to secure it down.
  5. Now, start on the sleeves. Cut a vertical line from the hem of the sleeve all the way up to the shoulder. Tie the two open ends together to get a bow-like shape. Do the same for the other sleeve.
  6. You may want to do the same for the front as you did for the back. However, be very careful where you snip or you will end up with an overly sexy top. For the front, you may want to have the widest incision at the bottom, going narrower and narrower as you progress up, with the narrowest incision right below your bust line. Leave the chest area in tact. If you must, make smaller incisions, working downwards, starting with a moderately wide incision at the neckline. Keep the incisions above your chest narrow so as not to expose too much.

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