Review of Joby Gorillatorch Blade and Giveaway

I do a lot of things myself and many times that means I find myself not having enough hands, I’m sure you know what I mean here. For example trying to hold a flashlight while doing something else with your hands, it just doesn’t quite work right most times, you end up finding creative ways to prop the light up and it usually never works out quite right. I’ve been reviewing products for many years, and a lot of the stuff I get ends up being given away or just packed in my attic for later use, that never seems to come. There are products that I get though that I use all of the time, ones that I find tremendously useful and have a permanent place in my DIY tool-kit. Two such products are actually flashlights, but not just any light though, these are from a company called Joby and they feature a bendable leg tripod with magnetic feet that can be utilized in any situation where extra light is needed but where you don’t have a spare hand to hold the light. The magnets let them stick to most any metallic surface. The tripod lets the light just stand where you need it. The bendable legs can be wrapped around things to position the light just so for your needs. These have become my go to product for any of my lighting needs, they are truly just amazing products.

Today for review I have the newest DIY helper flashlight from Joby called the Gorillatorch Blade, and it’s become another must have addition to my toolbox. Not only do I have the Blade for review, but Joby has been kind enough to send me two of them, one for review and one to giveaway to one of our readers.

Gorillatorch Blade

Gorillatorch Blade combines 130 Lumens of LED Flashlight with hands-free and tactical capabilities. The perfect companion for the demanding DIYer or mechanically-minded user, the Gorillatorch Blade provides the targeted positioning required for hard-to-reach places. The Gorillatorch Blade easily slips into a tool belt, fits into one hand and attaches hands-free to your workbench creating the ideal light for the task at hand.

* 130-lumen ultra-bright CREE XLamp XP-C LED
* Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery – USB or AC adapter
* Precise positioning with 360° pan 180° tilt
* Bendable, wrappable legs with powerful Neodymium magnetic feet
* Adjustable spot to flood beam
* Compact and modular, tactical flashlight
* Durable, aircraft-grade aluminum body
* Water and drop-resistant

* Rugged ABS Plastic
* Durable
* TPE grip rings
* Powerful neodymium magnets

Flashlight / Light Engine:
* Ultra-bright CREE XLamp XP-C LED
* Machined aluminum with anodized finish
* Water resistance IPX-5

* 130 Lumens (Boost)
* 65 Lumens (Standard)

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery by USB or AC adapter
AC Adapter: Available in 3 versions for use in US, UK, or Europe

Size: 158 x 76 x 34mm
Weight: 185g (6.5 oz)

Average Battery Life
-Boost (130 Lumens): 2.5 Hours
-Standard (65 Lumens): 6.5 Hours

Price: $59.95

The Gorillatorch Blade comes in a stylish looking box with a window on the front and basic info on the back.

blade1 blade2

When you unpack it you’ll find the light and stand, user manual, USB style AC Adapter and a USB cable. One unique thing about the Blade is that it’s doesn’t use batteries, or at least disposable ones, it features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery inside that can be charged via the AC adapter or right from a USB port on your computer.

blade3 blade4

The tripod is made from ABS plastic, each segment move independently, and each one has a rubber ring on it to help grip to things. The feet are strong neodymium magnets that will stay where you stick them. The tripod feels strong and sturdy, and the joints are fairly stiff so it will grip tightly whatever you wrap them around.

blade5 blade6 blade7

On the back of the Blade is the power button that has a few functions. One press turns it on to normal brightness, another press turns it on to boost brightness or double the power momentarily.  If you press and hold it in for more than three seconds, the light will blink and it will stay in boost mode until you turn it off.


The power button isn’t really a button though, it’s just a rubber cover that pops open to reveal the actual button and the USB port for charging. The rubber seal helps to keep the water out of the USB port. It’s a nice tight seal so it should do a decent job at keeping water out.

blade11 blade12

The top of the tripod is where the light sits of course, there’s a ball there so the light can rotate 360 degrees. It’s a bit stiff to move, but it’s made that way so it stays at whatever angle you move it to. The top of the tripod also has a push button that can release that Blade flashlight so you can use it without the tripod.

blade9 blade10

You can also press it in to slide and lock the light forward and backwards in the track. The front of the Blade also rotates so you can adjust the beam from flood to spot and everything in between. The Blade might look small, but it’s actually rather heavy for its size. The flashlight is made from aircraft aluminum and it is water and drop resistant.


I mentioned in the intro that I have other Joby flashlights, here they are for comparison. From left to right they are the Gorillatorch Original, the Blade and the Flare. Each light is unique in how they work and what kind of light they produce.

blade15 blade16

To charge the Blade you just plug it in via USB. When charging there’s actually a blue light that shows in the front, and then goes off when charging is complete. It is charged by USB so it takes a couple hours to fully charge, but you’ll get up to 6.5 hours use using normal lighting mode which I found more than enough for most situations.


The Blade has an adjustable beam which offers quite a bit in terms of beam width and type. The front rotates so you’ve got a lot to work with in terms of adjustments. Here’s from flood to spot, with spot being in boost mode.

blade17 blade18 blade19

The light is very bright even in normal mode, and best of all it’s easy to use, just push the button.

I’ve had the Blade here for about a week now and I’ve had the opportunity to use it a few times and I’m impressed with it really, I like it lot honestly.

I especially like the fact that it can be easily taken off the tripod and used as a normal flashlight. I just used it the other day actually to find out there was a screw stuck in the tire on my wife’s car. The small size is great for really getting into tight spaces and providing a lot of light on the situation.

The Blade truly has thousands of uses, only limited by your imagination really. It can be attached to anything  either by magnets or the bendable legs, so you’ll always have light where you need it to get things done.

The Gorillatorch Blade is a must-have accessory for any tool box, anyone who likes doing things themselves will find the Blade an invaluable accessory.


You want one? As I said Joby was kind enough to provide me with two of the Gorillatorch Blades, one for review and one to giveaway to one lucky reader.

Today is Saturday, so this will run until next Saturday December 4th. To get one all you have to do is tell me why you want one or what you like about it and how you think it could be useful or helpful to you.

Winner will randomly drawn, and please make sure to leave an email address so I can contact the winner.


Contest is closed. Angela Wins.

Look for an email from kbrozio @

23 thoughts on “Review of Joby Gorillatorch Blade and Giveaway

  1. Julie M.

    That looks handy! It would be so great for fixing appliances, repairing minor plumbing issues, etc. Very neat.

    manjul29 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. Julia

    I love the tripod, you can wrap those legs around a branch or doorknob to get the light in just the right spot, very handy. Thanks!

  3. Michele Petersen

    Living in an 80+ year old house with lots if odd nooks, crannies, and repairs, the Gorillatoech would be imensely helpful.

  4. Oksana

    I would love to have the great Gorillatorch for my little one, you know that kids eyes very sensitive especcially in the morning!!!!

  5. SM

    I just stumbled upon your site…now bookmarked.

    This little gadget is amazing! It looks like it is very versatile. I would use it to illuminate hard-to-reach places projects.


  6. Vanessa

    My husband and I bought a foreclosed home last year and as we dont have kids yet, we spend our lives after our career jobs working on our second job.. the house. We do alot of stuff that required extra light and this would be AWESOME! Please.. lucky number generator. Pick me.

  7. very married


    ok. seriously. this would be a PERFECT gift for my dad for christmas. he does a lot of work on old cars and this would be great for being under the hood!

  8. Athina

    Amazing torch! I would love to win one for my bedside drawer, to use in case of a power cut (my big fear)
    Thanks for the giveaway, happy holidays!

  9. angela

    i’d love one for my man… it would help with his never-ending to do list to fix up our home! i’ve seen these recently and thought they were so neat!

  10. Marlowe

    If I won I would give this to my father for Christmas! He lots to work on cars and I always get stuck holding the lamp so he can see! This would be a great gift!
    Marloweopat at gmail dot com

  11. shala_darkstone

    Hi, I’d use it to read in bed after my hubby has gone to sleep. I’m usually trying to balance a flashlight between my cheek and pillow so I can hold my book, but I could set this one on the side of the bed and not have to balance it!


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