Review of Quick Shine Glide Sweeper and Giveaway

Hello, I’m back with another review and a couple more things for you. I’ve got kids and we got through vacuum cleaners at a ridiculous rate, at least once every two years I’ve got to buy a new one. I’ve got carpeting over most of the house, I’m slowly ripping it up and re-finishing the hardwood floors beneath, but it’s a tedious job for one person to do. Until I finish I’m stuck with carpeting and children who don’t know what eat in the dining room over your plate means. My kids are old enough now that they can and should be helping with these things, but regular vacuums are large and heavy, they need something a bit lighter and easier for them. In comes the product I have for review today, the Glide Sweeper 2 from Holloway House. The Glide Sweeper 2 is battery powered with a 7.2 volt rechargeable battery pack. I’ll be honest I was skeptical that a battery powered sweeper would actually be worth my time but once I started using it I found that it’s a rather powerful little sweeper.

Quick Shine Glide Sweeper

Better Than a Broom and Dustpan

New touchless dirt tray!

Our new, patented Quick Shine Glide Sweeper is light as a feather and perfect for removing debris from hardwood, tile, marble, laminates, area rugs and carpet. You will be surprised at how effective this sweeper is at picking up dust bunnies, pet hair, grit, food particles and general debris. Glides over surfaces, spins and turns full circle and moves side-to-side because there are no wheels restricting movement. Sweeping brushes on all four sides allow cleaning right up along the baseboards and edges of your floors. Slides under and around tight areas effortlessly. You will find yourself grabbing for this mess eliminator almost daily. New touchless dirt tray. Simply pinch the tabs and the dirt tray empties.  The rechargeable battery will provide long life. No restriction on movement as it is cordless!! Use it for years. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Price: $39.99

Let’s start with a video unboxing for you:

Glide Sweeper 2

The Glide Sweeper comes in a handy little carry style box.

sweep1 sweep2

It’s packaged nicely, each individual piece is wrapped separately.


Included also is a brief instruction manual along with a couple coupons for Holloway House products. The sweeper comes in five parts basically the main brush head, three handle pieces and the battery and then of course there’s the charger. The handle tubes are metal and most of the rest is plastic, it’s to be expected.


Included also is a little gadget that looks like a seam ripper, but it’s used to keep the bushes clean.


The battery is small and it just clips into the charger and then it can clip right into the handle section on the sweeper.

sweep6 sweep7 sweep8

The brush attachment has a small filter on top, a window so you can into the dust bin and then two clips that open the dust bin.


For easy cleaning the top comes right off.


Most of the bottom is the dust bin door. There are nine brushes to the vacuum, five main ones and four corner brushes. All of the brushes spin in towards the dust bin. The brush doesn’t have wheels, but sliders that I found to work very well on any surface.


The dust bin is nice and large and it just pops out so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.  You just hold it over the garbage can, squeeze the clips and out falls the dust, dirt and debris.


Here’s the entire thing assembled:


So the first thing you need to do is charge the battery, eight hours for a full charge. I don’t have many real complaints about the Glide Sweeper, but here’s where my first one does come in. There’s an LED on the charger that glows red when charging the battery but it never goes out. It would be nice if the light would turn green or at least go out when the battery is fully charged. As is though it works fine, you just can’t leave it on the charger more than 24 hours.  The battery itself lasts more than long enough to vacuum my whole house more than once over.

I have cats and with them comes kitty litter which is not good for a regular vacuum and a lot of vacuums just don’t pick it up, I normally use my shop-vac for that type of work. I actually didn’t hit the cat litter until later, first I vacuumed my house with it and found it works great for pretty much everything. It’s winter so I’ve got a lot of rock salt in the entry way, it sticks to the bottoms of our boots and shoes and just comes in with us. The Glide Sweeper picked up the rock salt with no problems.

The one thing I found it doesn’t do well with is saw dust, yes saw dust in my house. I needed to fix a shelf and grabbed a piece of wood and my cordless trim saw and just cut it right there, the saw dust went onto the carpet. I figured it would be an easy cleanup with the Glide Sweeper, but not really. It picked up most of it, but not all of it, it sort of pushed it down into the carpet.

So I vacuumed my house and I found it works very well for most everything. It picks up food crumbs, dust bunnies, lint, fuzz, cat hair, small rocks and even things like twist ties. Overall I like it a lot and so do my kids. My kids actually vacuum their own rooms now without me telling them. Lately my house has been the cleanest its ever been because my kids love using it, it’s lightweight and easy to use for them.

One thing about my regular vacuum is that it’s not exactly made for doing steps, so that’s where the Glide Sweeper comes in, it works great for the steps. It does edging very well too.

So that’s it, it’s a great little vacuum that picks up most anything that I can recommend you buying especially if you’re got kids and pets.

So that’s the review and Holloway House was kind enough to send me two more Glide Sweepers to give to you, our readers.


To win just tell me in the comments what you like about it and/or what you think you would use it for, besides the obvious of course.

Contest will run until next Wednesday February 9th and I’ll pick two people randomly to win on. Sorry but it’s open to United States residents only.

When this contest is over I’ll have another review of some Holloway House products and more to give away to you.

45 thoughts on “Review of Quick Shine Glide Sweeper and Giveaway

  1. Miss Sarah

    I like that you don’t have to plug it in. I think I’d give this to my sister-in-law who is soon to have four little ones!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Mary M.

    We have a woodstove and I am constantly getting out the Dustbuster to pick up the little pieces of wood that fall when we bring in the wood. This would make clean up so much easier.


    I like this too that you do not have to plug in and goes on any floor service, easy to clean

  4. Kendra

    I like how great it is for stairs. I struggle the most trying to vaccum our narrow stairs with our big vaccum and this would come in really handy!

  5. Carol Harrity

    I have a cat who sheds a lot, but he is not my worst problem. My husband is! He is almost 80 years old and doesn’t always see real well and he also is fairly shaky at times. This adds up to lots of spills and I am just not real big on dragging out the vac almost hourly. This little Glide Sweeper sounds like it could do the trick and help me keep things looking much neater. Thanks

  6. Joyce Beardslee

    Looks like a great item to have. Quick and simple to use and should make cleaning up easier and I am all for that

  7. Pamela Rose

    I think it is the answer for the wood laminate floor we installed a couple of months ago… I just can’t get it cleaned up…we live in a dusty / dirt roads/ area. You are not suppose to use water on this floor (sheeze) so maybe a product like this would breathe new life into the used flooring.

  8. Maggie Neilson

    This sweeper looks great. I’d love it because I have two puffy Pomeranians and 3 teenagers. If I won this I would teach my kids how to help around the house a little more. It looks easy to use and I bet they wouldn’t mind helping out. – magagirlkrav { at } ya hoo { dot } com

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