Save Energy through Lighting

Lights are installed in every corner of the house and the energy consumption is around 20%. With the rising cost of living standard in a gloomy economy, there is even more urgency to save the pennies. This is possible with the right usage of lights.

Everybody talks about energy saving lights. Do you know what are \’they\’? Yes, \’they\’ because there are so many range of products. Check these new quirky lights out.

  1. Lutron Radio RA

Lutron uses radio frequency communication to control the lighting in the rooms installed with the system. Whether your lights are LED, fluorescent, halogen or incandescent bulbs, the system is able to control the lights with a one-touch convenience. So, if you are lazy to get up to switch off the light at the end of the room, Lutron is there to help. Another goodie? No new wiring is required. Still not convinced of its green technology? Wait till you find out that Lutron not only saves almost 75% of your lighting energy consumption but also extends the lives of your halogen and incandescent bulbs and is made out of eco-friendly materials.

  1. SolaTube Daylighting System

SolaTube transforms dark interiors into naturally bright living spaces. Therefore, it is pretty much ideal to lite up all areas of the house from the hallway to the closets. Besides that, the system is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Money wise? SolaTube also eliminates wasteful energy expense from using lights in the day.

  1. Solar Cynergy

Usually used commercially, this product is like a solar lighting system but sans the typical solar lighting system. The lights are charged up to eight hours or less under the sun. Then they are able to provide up to 15 hours of bright lighting which are suitable for landscapes, pathways, docks and architectural accents. Why will you save costs? It is simply because Solar Cynergy does not run on batteries and comes with a 25 years lifespan. And the sun is free!

Basically, when you are selecting the lights for your home, do not just judge on the initial cost that you need to spend when buying. There are more things to consider. Amongst them are the longevity of the bulbs, contribution to your bills and the brightness. And not forgetting the heat generated by the lights because you will determine the temperature of your cooler based on the heat emitted. Does higher bill ring a bell?

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