Saving Water around Your Home

Water is precious because we cannot live without it. So why not step up the effort in serious water conservation which also saves money spent on bills?

Here are some pointers you can take to achieve these objectives:

  1. Take short showers

Shower uses much less water than a bathtub. If you use a bucket instead, fill it with water before you bath. Then use a water container to fill water from the bucket and pour over your head. Nevertheless, drench yourself away from the bucket so that the clean water will not be dirtied and can be used by another person. A word of caution – don\’t leave unused water for more than a day or else it could become a larvae breeding ground.

  1. Wash greasy plates last

When you wash the dishes altogether in the sink, clean the least greasy ones first before you move on to the more greasy plates and pans as they dirty the water fast. After that, rinse the dishes and you are done for the day.

  1. Turn off the taps

There are times when we unconsciously realize that we are letting the water run when we could turn the taps off. For example, when brushing teeth and washing face. Apply the same habit when you are done with the watering of plants and washing

  1. Fix taps

Repair dripping taps immediately as water and money are unnecessarily wasted. Another plus point is that the internal structure of the taps will be maintained for a longer period as there are no prolonged ruptures.

  1. Be water efficient

Believe it or not, diligence also applies to water efficiency. Now we know that we shouldn\’t let the water running when we are not using it. When it comes to dishwasher and a washing machine, choose a model which has efficient design which uses less water and power but it\’s effective as handwash.

With the El Nino phenomenon hitting any time of the year nowadays, water conservation is a collective effort so that we can avoid ourselves from being caught in a water crisis.

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