Selecting the Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

Whenever the Christmas celebration mood is just around the corner, we would always try to light up the occasion with the right holiday spirits by trimming or decorating the Christmas tree along with colorful lights. This not only adds color to your exterior home surroundings, but it is also for your neighbors to enjoy celebrating the festive season. Before you start to decorate your house with any lighting decorations, there are some considerations for you to take in choosing the best outdoor Christmas lights for this coming celebration.

What you need to do:

  1. UL approved lights
  2. LED powered lights
  3. Energy-efficient bulbs
  4. Do research on the product base on reviews
  5. Choose straight line construction
  6. Choose tangle resistant wires

Christmas Lights


  1. First of all, you must have a plan on the lighting that you want to install because nowadays there are lots of designs available in the market, ranging from multi-colored bulbs to single-colored strings as well as various shapes and sizes.
  2. You must know and set your objective before you start to purchase the right product of lights that suit your outdoor area. You must also decide which area that you want to install the lights such as the front yard, back yard, front door, back porch or your driveway.
  3. If you decide to run the Christmas lights for a long period of time, it is recommended that you use a LED-powered lights because it consumes less power and a little bit cooler than any other lights, plus it also can last longer, enabling you to use it for future celebrations.
  4. Try to choose a versatile type of lightings that would be suitable to be used for any occasions or events such as choosing lights that can be strung either around your gutters or around your wire Christmas decorations.
  5. You must also decide on the theme that you want to use for your Christmas lights decorations, which would be able to blend in nicely with the physical features such as your Christmas trees, garden ornaments and various furniture if the decorations are inside your house. Some of the theme that you can use are Magical Winter land where you can incorporate Snowman figurines, Reindeers and sleighs as well as Santa Claus; or even Trendy Green theme in order to spread the message that man has no right to destroy what God has created where you can use all the natural tools and materials to decorate and it also uses lots of low power consuming LED lights and colorful CFLs that consumes less of your house energy.
  6. Always make sure to check on the lights packaging whether it is certified or have the UL approved label on it. For example, if it has a red label, it indicates that the lights are suitable for outdoor usage.
  7. Also make sure that you choose Christmas lights that do not have the potential of overloading and do not buy lights that have been opened or its wiring shows that it is frayed.
  8. If you have the time, make an effort to research the product base on reviews especially if you are purchasing the product online because most of the online products would enable you to know its features and also read reviews from its customers. For a particular brand or product, you can also find reviews through the internet based on the product’s cost, performance and also overall quality.
  9. In order to save on the energy usage, ensure that you look for energy-efficient lights like the lights that uses solar-powered energy or LED bulbs, which are much friendlier to the environment whenever its lifespan is no longer needed.
  10. Although the price for these kinds of lights are much expensive, you must not forget that the additional costs when using the lights during the holidays, which are always caused by the usage of lights that are not efficient. But if you do not have the budget, you can use the normal traditional lights which are much cheaper and also provide an extra cost on your energy usage.
  11. Try to look for lights that come with a straight line construction meaning that when one of the light bulb burns out, the other lights along the line will always remain lit-up during your festive season.
  12. Besides that, choose icicle lights which are the perfect choices especially during Christmas occasions. Make sure that the lights’ wires are also tangle-resistant, which will save you a lot of time and hassle when you want to keep it in your storage or install it back again for the next holiday season.
  13. You should also choose the right type of control for your outdoor lighting whether to use a manual switch, a timer switch or a motion sensor switch. A manual switch enables you to turn off and on your outdoor wall lighting as you like manually, while the timer switch enables you to set a preferred time of the day to turn on the lights. As for the motion sensor switch, it enables you to turn on the light when it detects motion within the area.

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