Setting Codes to a Garage Door Craftsman

Craftsman’s tool and equipment brand are owned by Sears, Roebuck and Co which produces a variety of tools and equipments including garage-door opening mechanisms. If you use Craftsman’s garage-door opening and want your family members or your visitor to access the garage without using a remote control, you can set a temporary code on the mechanism. The outdoor control panel is used to enter the craftsman’s door code; at the same time, you can also set the time for the code remains valid and how many times the code can be entered. Here are the steps on how to set the codes.


  1. First, enter your 4 digit “Master” entry code.
  2. Then, press and hold the asterisk button, and the garage light will blink 3 times. Release the button.
  3. Press four buttons according to your temporary code that you will give to your family members and guests before pressing “Enter”. The light will blink for 4 times.
  4. Next, enter the number using the numerical keys for the number of hours that you want the code to work, which is up to 255 hours. Or, you can skip this step and move on the next step.
  5. Enter the number of times for the temporary code can be used, which is up to 255 by using the numerical keys. Confirm by pressing the “#” button. When the code has been determined by the Craftsman’s mechanism, the light will blink for one time.
  6. If you want to change the temporary code for last minute, delete the code when you choose to do so by repeating steps 1 to 4 before setting the entries and hours to “0” in the final steps.

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