Sewing a used towel into a hand towel

These customized, homemade hand towels make perfect gifts. You do not necessarily have to use used towels if you plan to give them away. One big towel can give you approximately a dozen hand towels. Thinner towels are easier to work with for this project.

  1. Firstly, cut your towel according to the desired size. If you plan to make more than one, you can equally divide your towel to accommodate the number of pieces you plan to make.
  2. Next, sew all the seams of the towel, except one of the widths.
  3. Choose a piece of cloth with a more colourful pattern for your holder. You can also use cross-stitched cloth if you wish to further personalize your hand towel. For this, you can also use patchwork pieces, providing you with another creative way to recycle old unwanted materials. Alternatively, you can also use a plain piece of cloth which will provide you with a blank canvas for personalized decorations. You can embroider it, sew on little buttons and sequins, or even stick on iron-on patches. For a fancier hand towel, you can also sew on lace on to the borders of the holder.
  4. For the holder, you should have a square that measures approximately 5 in x 5 in once it is sewn. Sew the two squares together inside out first so that all the stitching remains inside when you turn it right side out. Remember to sew on a ribbon hoop on top so that you can hang the hand towel onto hooks. Alternatively, you can also quilt the holder by placing a piece of foam padding between the two squares and sewing diagonal grids on them.
  5. Next, connect the two pieces together. The width of your cut-out towel will generally be twice that of its intended holder. Therefore, you will have to gather it together before sewing both pieces together.
  6. To do so, start folding gathers from the middle. This way, you will have approximately balanced gathers on both sides. Pin down the gathered part so that it does not run.
  7. Next, fold the frayed edge of the holder inwards into its pocket and slip the gathered part of the hand towel inside as well. To make sewing easier, pin your gathers onto the holder before sewing.
  8. Sew both pieces together and you will have a completed hand towel.

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