Simple Christmas Crafts for Children

Christmas season is the perfect time to work craft projects with your children. The activities will also allow you to spend more quality time with your children and at the same time, create personalized and unique gifts for your family members and friends to keep.

Basically, there are many fun things to do before Christmas that will excite kids. The usual housework is not fun at all for kids, but there’s always a way to make your kids feel very much involved and at the same time, excited and happy to be helping around for Christmas. Here are some ideas on simple Christmas crafts to be done with your children.

Things that you need:

  • Pine Cone Ornament
  • Ribbon
  • Liquid School Glue
  • Glitter
  • Work Area or a Trash Can
  • Christmas Tree
  • Ribbon
  • Pom Pom
  • Christmas Card
  • Candy Cane Reindeer

Christmas Crafts


  • A pine cone ornament is a nice method of making a gift item or a keepsake. Tie a small ribbon or string to one of the top pieces of the pine cone using sturdy pine cones on a covered work surface.
  • Spread small dabs of clear liquid school glue all over the pine cone, and then sprinkle with green, red or gold glitter all over the pine cone. Let it dry for about 30 minutes, shaking off any excess glitter over your work area or a trash can. Tie a ribbon or a string on the pine cone’s stem before hanging it on your Christmas tree.
  • A candy cane reindeer can be used as a gift, decoration or as an ornament. To make this sweet crafts, glue two small plastic eyes onto the shorter and curved end of the candy cane using craft glue. Place the eyes in a facing outward way about halfway between the crook of the candy cane and the end of the short side. Underneath the eyes, glue a small fuzzy, red pom pom as the reindeer nose.
  • Christmas magnets can be fun crafts for the kids to reuse as old bottle lids. Collect a metal, plastic, juice bottle or pill bottle lids. Place the lid in the center of a picture on a Christmas card.
  • Make sure that the part of the Christmas picture fit inside the lid, then trace around the lid with a pencil. Cut the circle slightly bigger than the tracing that you make. Stick some glue onto the back of the picture cut out and press it into the bottle lid.
  • Dab some tiny dots of clear glue onto the picture and shake some colorful glitter over it. Remove any excess glitter by shaking it. Glue the magnet to the back of the lid with hot glue before displaying it on your refrigerator or any metal surface.

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