Simple step for Removing a Wall Plate from your Concrete Floor


When you decide to remodel your basement, you will definitely have to remove any of your existing and non-load bearing walls. For standard walls that were made of drywall along with 2-by-4 wood studs, you simply need to use a hammer plus also a strong arm in order to make powerful swing onto the wall. As for removing a wall plate, you will encounter a little difficulty because most of the wall plates are nailed or screwed or even bolted tightly into your concrete floor. Sometimes you will find it to come with an anchor sleeves or even without one.

To remove a wall plate from a concrete floor, you need:

  • Power ratchet wrench
  • Power screwdriver
  • Grinder

Removing a Wall Plate from your Concrete Floor

Simple Step for Removing a Wall Plate from your Concrete Floor

  • First thing that you need do is to check whether your wall plate is attached to the concrete floor or not.
    • The next step is to place the right size bit into your screwdriver or you can just use the socket available on your wrench.
    • After that, you must be careful enough to slowly try to back the connector away from the concrete floor.
    • With a bit of luck, they would be slide out in an easily manner thus enables you to lift the wall plate up.

    For any installation of wall plate that uses concrete screws or bolts, you would be able to back them out just by using enough force from your hand.

  • For those of you who encounter a situation where the screw or bolt were unable to be backed out or even if the installer is using a pin and sleeve,
    • You should grind the heads off flush by using the plate.
  • Then, you have to place the grinder wheel into the grinder.
    • Switch on the grinder with the setting is at full speed.

    For a pin or even screw head, you will find it usually fast to come off whenever it is touched by the grinder. However, if it is using a bolt, it might take you at least a minute or even two minutes for the grinder to grind down which also depends on the size and hardness.

  • Once you have finished grinding the connectors, you need to wait for a minute or two in order to allow the wall plate to cool down.
    • Make sure that you check the area whether the complete head has been removed or not from the connector.
  • The next move is to take your pry bar and slide it beneath the middle of the wall plate.
    • If you think that it is necessary, you can even hit the end by using the maul so that you can force it to slide under the wall plate easily.
    • Then, you need to lift up before forcing the wall plate up and over the rest of section of your connectors.
  • For wall plate that has been glued down, the only way to remove it is by chipping away right at the concrete next to the side of your wall plate.
    • This is to enable you to have enough room in order to get at least a little part of your pry bar to slide beneath the wall plate.
    • Once you managed to work the plate up, you might wind up together with a chipped and gauged floor.
  • After that, you can proceed to remove the plate along with the grind connectors down to at least below the floor’s surface.
    • You can make use of the concrete repair kit and follow the instructions given by the product manufacturer in order to fix any of the gouges and nicks, plus also leveling the floor off.

    Always remember that whenever you want to remove a wall plate away from your concrete floor,

    • Always make sure to protect yourself by wearing safety equipment such as an eye goggle, face mask and also a hand glove.

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