Simple Steps in Decorating a Boy’s Room


Some times most of the parents would like to decorate their boy’s room according to special themes like animals, sports, cartoons or cars. By choosing a special theme for your boy’s room you would be able to provide him a place to be focus on certain things and also inspired him whenever he is relaxing inside the room. In addition, the room should also be able to adapt as he grows up. Your children’s room is not only a place for them to have a good rest but it is also their hide-out to fully charge their imagination and also find their own personality. Some of the parents probably have started to decorate their children’s room way before the child is born. Apart from choosing the suitable theme for your boy’s room, you need to also consider using suitable colors that matches the theme. The task of decorating your boy’s room is a fun project not only for parents to enjoy but it is also a good time for you to do the task together with your children.

To decorate boy’s room, you need:

  • Decorating ideas
  • Paint
  • Furniture (basic furniture such as a bed, nightstand and dresser)
  • Accessories (posters, themed bedding and pillows, white boards for drawing and cork boards)
  • Toy chests
  • Shelves
  • Nonskid rugs

Decorating Boys Room

Simple Steps in Decorating a Boys Room

  • The first thing that you need to do is to determine the suitable theme for your boy’s room.
    • Once you have decided on the theme, then only you can start to decorate the room. Your child’s decision is very important in selecting the theme in order for him to have the feeling of involvement during the process and also comfortable living in the room.
    • Some of the most popular theme for boys includes animals, cartoons, sports, cars and outer space.
  • Next thing to do is to select the right paint color for the room and according to the theme of your choice.
    • Apart from painting the walls, you can also paint the ceiling. We often use bold and bright colors for a boy’s room. For instance, blue the most popular choice among the boys.
    • You must also take note that the interest of your children will be changing frequently when they start to grow up.
    • To cater for any phase of your child’s growth, it is recommended that you use soft blue, cream as well as gray color for your walls. In addition to that, you can also install bamboo blinds which are stylish and enables you to match any personality or age group of your son.

It is wise to use a neutral color that would enables you to have more flexibility in changing the theme whenever the need arise. You can also make use of wallpaper borders or stencil designs as well as wall decals in order to create a lively atmosphere to your neutral walls.

  • You must also choose the right type of furniture suitable for a boy’s room.
    • The most important thing is ensure that the furniture is strong and also durable.
    • It is advisable to choose basic furniture that can last for years rather than changing the theme every time your boys getting older. When we are talking about basic furniture include a bed, nightstand and dresser.
    • In order to maintain an organized room for your boys, a good storage system plays an important part. By having toy chests and proper shelving will definitely assist you in organizing the room.
  • The furniture that you have chosen should be able to allow your child to have an open area to play.
    • In addition, you could also lay nonskid rugs to the room where the children play.

It is wise to use rugs rather than you carpeted the entire rooms. This is because rugs can be easily washed while carpets can be stained very easily.

  • Suitable accessories can also be added to the room according to the theme such as posters, themed bedding and pillows, white boards for drawing and cork boards that enables you to display report cards, photos and favorite mementos.
    • For example, if you choose sports-theme, you can look for your children’s favorite sports idol or even purchase a ball-shaped rugs as well as installing a shelf for displaying trophies.
    • If you choose to use an outer space-themed room, you can simply make use of a glow-in-the-dark paint for creating stars on the ceiling of the room or use stencil designs or wall decals with drawings of planets either on the ceiling or walls or if you have a telescope, you can place it right at the room’s window, plus also decorating the room with frame posters of rockets and astronauts.

    Always remember that whenever you want to decorate a boy’s room,

    • The room that you created should be the place for your son to love to be in.
    • Always consider decorating the rooms that can be easily adapt for your son even if grows older.
    • At the same time you should also teach your son to be organized and make it a habit to tidy his room all the time. For instance, you can hang a small toy hammock at one corner of his room so that you can fill it with all the balls that he owns.
    • If possible you can create a room with different and special decorations. For instance, instead of using chair, you can make use of a huge pile of soft cushions or even use a golf club as the window’s curtain rod if you choose sports theme for the room. Besides that, you can also replace the normal rug with an artificial turf type of mat.

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