Simple Tips To Redo Your Metal Shed


For those of you who do not have sufficient area for storing gardening materials, metal sheds will definitely be useful to have. In order to change a metal shed in terms of appearance, you can simply make some facelift to your outdoor storage space. Metal shed is normally affordable whenever you want to protect any outdoor tools and it is also easy to install. This outdoor storage is designed with many different sizes and similar to all buildings, the metal shed requires annual maintenance because it is prone to weather elements after few months of usage.

To redo metal shed, you need:

  • Fine-grit sand paper
  • Orbital or belt sander (optional)
  • Rubber mallet
  • Metal-surface paint with rust protection
  • Paint brush
  • Detail paints (optional)
  • Detail brush
  • Waterproof caulking fill
  • Fill dirt
  • Sandpaper for metal
  • Sheet metal JB Weld Epoxy

Redoing Metal Shed

Simple Tips to Redo your Metal Shed

  • The first thing that you need to do is to sand the rust off from its surface.
    • As for metal shed which has only been marred by rust, you would be able to remove it by hand with a fine grit sand paper.
    • For surfaces that has lots of rust patches, you can make use of a power tool to make you task much easier. You can make use of a belt sander for sanding a flat surface while an orbital sander can be used for a surface that has ridges and grooves.

Always sand the surface of your metal shed without changing any of the metal shed’s structural integrity.

  • You also need to protect the metal shed from water and the first thing to do is to check for any small holes throughout the shed that can allow water to enter into the shed.
    • You can even use waterproof caulking to fill in any voids in order to prevent any leaking and creating further damage.
    • Make sure to examine the shed’s base for any recollection of rainwater whether in a pool at or even near its base. If this happen, it is necessary for you to add dirt around the shed and the dirt need to be sloping away from the metal shed on all of its sides.
  • If you notice there are any major dents, you can simply pound it out to resolve the problem.
    • Although it would not be able to return to its original shape, by pounding out some of the large dents you can make it less noticeable.
    • In order to pound the dented surface, you can use a rubber mallet and start to tap near the middle of the dent area by hitting the side of the affected surface in order to reduce the depth of the dent. This will somehow reduce the dented surface degree thus making it less noticeable.
  • Another method that you can use is to paint the surface with your preferred choice of paint color.
    • Paint the metal shed surfaces that feature rust protection.
    • If the metal shed is being used for storage purpose only, you should paint only the outside area. However, if you want to create a new look metal shed, you can paint the entire shed to make it look just like brand new from the interior up to its exterior.
  • Another technique that you can use is to add some decorative painting if you want to transform the metal shed especially to suit the environment of your outdoor setting.
    • For instance, for those of you who place the metal shed at the edge of the garden, you can simply paint it with decorative green ivy vines that travels up to the side of the metal shed thus creating an aesthetically appearance to the environment.
  • You must also locate any large holes with the size of silver dollar or even much larger.
    • Then, you need to use sandpaper and sand the affected area. Make sure that you managed to remove as much rust as possible.
    • After that, you take a piece of sheet metal and JB Weld Epoxy where you need to cut the piece of sheet metal slightly larger than the hole that you have on the shed.
    • Next, use the JB Weld Epoxy and glue the sheet metal piece that you have cut to cover the affected hole.
    • Finally, you have to seal all the edges by using waterproof caulking from its inside and out before you can proceed to paint the surface also from the inside and out.

    Always remember that whenever you want to redo your metal shed

    • You can simply use a simple method like painting it with similar color of your house.
    • Make sure that no dirt will be touching its metal. This is because the dirt retains moisture and in the end will rust the shed.
    • Whenever you are sanding rusty areas you must exercise with caution. Cuts obtained from rustic metal can cause tetanus and please do not inhale the rust particles.

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