Sink N Fixtures

The kitchen is where most people will spend most of their creative time, either creating the meals, or cleaning. Some of the most useful appliances will be located in this room. These will be usually the most expensive appliances, and more important, the most used. Therefore picking appliances for the kitchen must be something made carefully and wisely, it will be smart to know what you need, what does a certain product give you, and what to watch out for.


One of the most used areas will be the sink. It will be wise to invest time and thinking in choosing it. There are several materials available:

Enameled cast iron – very heavy in weight, making it’s installation somewhat harder, comes coated in color of choice, will stay shining for years.

Solid surface material, quartz, vitreous china – some of the more expensive options, china will be easy to clean, but can chip. Solid surface sink can be made in one piece with the countertop. Quartz is very scratch and stain resistant.

Stainless steel – most economic and popular choice of all, there are a few kinds of stainless steel available, a  22-gauge stainless steel mirror finish sink will show scratches and be stains, a 19-gauge brushed finish nickel-and-stainless-steel sink will resist dents better, and will show less stains and scratches

Sink can come in several shapes and configurations, single bowl, double bowl, and even triple bowl. There are different shaped as the L shaped sink for corner kitchens with limited countertop space.


Today’s faucets can do more than just deliver water from one end to another, added functionalities are available, such as, a scraper/spray switch, a pull out flexible faucet, and temperature control to protect children from heated water. The most popular finish is brushed chrome, also available is color coated epoxy, and polished brass.