Spicing Up Your Kitchen

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You fancy yourself a domestic goddess just like Nigella Lawson and Martha Stewart. Your kitchen is tastefully decorated and immaculate. Everything is perfect and in place except for a few important small items – your spices. You tend to simply chuck it into any drawer within reach after using it and now, when you need it most you just couldn\’t find it.

Humming to yourself as you prepare your dinner – a roast chicken, you reach into your kitchen drawer for the spices. After rummaging around in the drawer, you still couldn\’t find what you needed. Drawing an exasperated breath, you promise yourself you will put all your spices in one specially designated place which is within reach. In order to do that, why don\’t you follow these simple steps?

Step 1: In Need of Some Action.

Before you start, make sure you wear work gloves to protect your hands. You don\’t want to ruin your beautiful manicured hands by having it scratched by the sharp edges. Choose the best place to hang your spice rack and cut a piece of 22-gauge sheet metal to the proper dimensions.

To avoid your drill bit from skidding across the metal, make a single dent in each corner of the metal sheet with a hammer and nail. Place the metal on top of a piece of scrap wood and make a hole through each of the four corner notches with your drill.

Step 2: Hang on Me

Mark the location of the four holes on the wall and hang your to-be spice rack using four sheet-metal screws. Use a level to position the rack, and if it\’s heavy, secure it with toggles. Instead of the usual boring old spice jars, try using watchmaker cases. These cases were originally designed to store gems and watch movements. These should complement your kitchen just nicely, wouldn\’t it?

Step 3: Attracted to You

Stick a magnet onto the back of each case with a two-part epoxy mixture and let them dry for five minutes. Then only can you fill the cases with your favorite spice. Don\’t get too creative and combine everything into one case. Instead of getting All Spice, you\’ll get everyone on the toilet seat.

Step 4: Hot or Spicy?

You know you\’re far away from being a domestic goddess and you know you can\’t tell which is which just by the smell or color of the spices, so to help yourself, label the lid with the name of the spices by using a permanent marker. As a last step, attach your cute containers to the metal sheet.

With all your spices within reach, you can guarantee your next meal will be something only a chef could come up with.

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