Steps for Bypassing a Flow Sensor in Pool Heater


A flow sensor used by your pool heater is normally designed to monitor the course of water that goes through the water pipe right into the heater. Whenever there is any interruption of the water flow, the sensor will do its work by immediately sending signals to the heater to automatically shut off its system. This is because pool heaters are designed to only operate when water flows through its system. If you let the pool heater to operate even in a dry condition, it will cause the system to be damage or might even break some parts of its heating element. If you notice that your pool heater is not activating the way it should be doing, you may find that the flow sensor is faulty and in order to keep the heater running without the flow sensor is by running a bypass through it. This is considered as a temporary solution for any flow sensor that has become faulty. Below are a few steps that you could take in order to bypass a flow sensor in your pool heater.

To bypass a flow sensor in pool heater, you need:

  • Screwdriver set
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Electrical tape

Bypassing a Flow Sensor in a Pool Heater

Steps for Bypassing a Flow Sensor in Pool Heater

  • First thing that you need to do and the most important thing is to shut off the pool’s circuit breaker that controls the flow of electricity connecting to the pool heater along with the pool pump that sends water through your heater.
    • In a case of pool heater running on gas, you need to close your gas valve in the line that connects to your pool heater.
  • Next thing to do is to take a screwdriver in order for you to take out the screws that holds the heater’s housing.
    • Normally the flow sensor is mounted right at the point where your water pipe is attached onto the heater itself.
    • You will also find two wires connected between the sensors to the heater.
  • After that, you need to detach both of the wires from the sensor.
    • You will notice that for certain heaters, its wires might be terminated using slip-on connectors that would be able to pull off the contact of the sensors.
    • While for other models, you might find its sensor contacts having two screws that need to be loosen up in order to take out the wires.
  • The next step is to splice both of the wires together by using a piece of electrical tape.

  • Then, you have to turn on the circuit breaker that connects to your pool pump before activating the pump the normal way.
    • When you notice that the water is flowing onto your heater, you can turn on the heater.
    • Whenever you find the heater activates while warm water re-circulates back to your pool, it is consider that your flow sensor defective. Once this happens, you have to immediately shut off the pool heater and do not operate it until you managed to replace the sensor with a new one.

    Always remember that whenever you want to bypass a flow sensor in your pool heater,

    • Make sure to check whether your pool heater has a bypass valve that would be able to divert consuming water located near the heater whenever you do not need them. The valve lever needs to be turned according to clockwise manner in order to bypass the heater until you managed to replace your flow sensor with a new one.

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