Steps for Replacing a Bathtub Overflow Drain Gasket


You will seldom come across the situation where you need to replace your bathtub overflow gasket because its lifespan can reach up to approximately 10 years before you should replace it with a new one. In order to do this task you need to know what a bathtub overflow drain gasket is. It is normally located behind the overflow plate which provides some kind of a seal around your overflow pipe for a bathtub. The rubber ring that fits in the opening behind your overflow cover will protect water from entering the back of your bathtub around the overflow drain. Over a long period of time the overflow gasket will dry out which in the end become compressed and unable to maintain a water tight seal. For those of you who notice any leaks whenever your bathtub is full with water, this is the sign for you to take note that the time for replacing your bathtub’s overflow gasket has come. In order to have easy access to the gasket, you only need to remove its cover by using a normal house tools on your own without the need to fork out your money on hiring professional plumber. You would be able to find replacement for your overflow gaskets through your local hardware or home improvement stores.

To replace a bathtub overflow drain gasket, you need:

  • Flat tip screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Putty knife or utility knife or scraping tool
  • Caulking gun
  • Silicone caulking

Replacing a Bathtub Overflow Drain Gasket

Steps for Replacing a Bathtub Overflow Drain Gasket

  • First thing that you can do is to make sure that you have covered your bathtub drain by
    • Closing it using the stopper or
    • Placing a towel over it
    • Both of this step is for to be extra careful not to allow any drop or knock any screws into the drain that will cause other major problems.
  • Next step to do is to remove the overflow drain cap with a screwdriver.
    • You have to loosen up and remove the screws which are holding the overflow drain cover plate. In order to find your way to the gasket, you need to totally remove and pull off the cover plate. Put it aside along with all the screws so that it is easy for you to look for it when you want to install it back.
    • Once you have open it you need to remove your old drain seal by grasping it using pliers.
    • After you manage to grasp your overflow gasket, you need to pull it straight out.

For those of you who are having problems when it comes to removing the gasket, you can make use of a lubricant spray in order to help loosen up the old overflow gasket.

  • Whenever you are replacing a new gasket, you must ensure that you place its screws securely in place so that you would be able to push back the drainpipe.
    • When doing this task, you must be extra careful not to push it too harshly in order to avoid any cracks to your plastic pipe.
    • Once done, you can proceed by inserting the new gasket right into the overflow hole.
    • Make sure that you insert it with the thin edge of your gasket facing up while its thick edge facing down.
    • Then, press the gasket so that it is firmly in place. However, you must remember not to press it against the overflow pipe.
  • After that, you can proceed to replace its cap back on using screws enabling you to create a firm hold between the gasket and your bathtub, and also the drain tight that links to the gasket.
    • Always remember not to over tighten all the screws.
    • This is to avoid you from accidentally breaking any of your plastic drain pipes during the task.
  • In order toilet, you can use a tube of bathroom caulk.
    • It will also help seal the area so that there will be no overflow of water that can flow beneath the toilet.
    • Take your tube of bathroom caulk and draw a bead of caulk all around your toilet’s base area.
    • Then, you have to use your wet finger and wipe along the bead caulk that you have created earlier. By doing this method, you will be filling in any gaps that you might have missed out and also clear off any unwanted or excess caulk.

    Always remember that whenever you want to replace your bathtub overflow drain gasket

    • You must first scrap the back section of your cover plate so that you can remove any old caulking before you can proceed to install the new gasket.

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