Stopping Air Pollution from Entering Your Home

Home is the center of the soul and makes us to see the world in a beautiful light. What happens if micro air pollutants intervene? The answer\’s we\’ll be too sick to enjoy life. Therefore, the rule of thumb is prevention is better than cure.

Check the detergents
The fact\’s many household cleaning agents in the market emit hazardous pollutants into the air which are invisible and apparently can\’t be felt by us after used. Or so it seems.

If you\’ve breathing difficulty when you\’re using a certain detergent during cleaning, stop using it and switch to non-toxic cleansers. Better still, make your own natural household cleaning agents in which recipes can be found online.

Check the accessory renovation items
Air pollutants can also be found in potent agents like volatile organic compounds added in paint and renovation glue. The compounds will still be able to disseminate into the air even after drying. The advice is to study the contents during purchasing time.

Check the furniture
Air pollution also includes physical manmade substances such as carpets and carpentry which dusts exist. As dusts are very fine, they can easily integrate into the air and be inhaled by household members. The danger comes when dusts get trapped inside the body and cancerous cells may develop. To minimize the risk, change the work system.

Wipe it dry
Besides wiping the surface clean, remember to wipe it dry as well. Water contains microorganism which has mold and mildew long before they grow to be seen. If they can be seen, you\’ve no idea how much contamination has been done.

Clean air filters
Replace the air filters in your air-conditioners regularly because dusts tend to get trapped there. To enhance the air cleanliness, get an air purifier to eliminate pollutants and allergens.

Clean the cleaner
Change your vacuum cleaner bag regularly or when it\’s 1/3 full so that the vacuum cleaner doesn\’t spit back the dusts when it\’s used the next time. If you want to cut the hassle, then the next best option is to get a HEPA vacuum cleaner for dust free experience.

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