Thawing Frozen Pipes

It can be a big inconvenience for a house to have frozen pipes as it can cause water damage if the pipes burst. If you are not considering calling a professional to solve your frozen pipes problem, there is another way to thaw the pipes by yourselves. It is not that hard and with needed tools, you will save more money. So here are the steps on how to thaw your frozen pipes.

You will need:

  1. Heating Pads
  2. Towels
  3. Duct Tape
  4. Heat Lamps
  5. Torch Kits
  6. Blow Dryers and Standard Electric Heaters

Frozen Pipes


  1. First, open the faucet, which is near the pipe, if possible. If you cannot open it, do not attempt to open the faucet by forcing it, as it may cause the pipes to broke or explode.
  2. Then, take a towel and wrap it around the pipe before securing it with a duct tape. Boil some water to be poured over the towel. The towel will become a warm medium to thaw the pipes. Continue this step until the water has thawed and is able to run through the faucet.
  3. Other alternative way is to wrap the pipe in a heating pad. Or, you can place a heat lamp next to it. You could also try a small electric heater or a handheld hair dryer to thaw your froze pipes. However, if there is standing water, do not use any electrical appliances to prevent any danger of getting electrocuted.

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