Tips for Removing Pop-Up Bathtub Plug and Unclogging the Drain


When it comes to removing your pop-up bathtub plug and unclogging the drain is a task that can be done easily if you know the trick and have a little knowledge about plumbing. However, if you have not done it before, it is recommended that you hire a professional plumber. For those of you who can do the task of unclogging drains on your own, it will help you save money rather than spending expensive cost on hiring a plumber. Below are some tips on how to remove your pop-up bathtub plug and also unclogging the drain whenever it is stuck.

To remove pop-up bathtub plug and unclog drain, you need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Flashlight
  • Coat hanger or anything similar to it
  • Hot water

Removing Pop-Up Bathtub Plug and Unclog the Drain

Tips for Removing Pop-Up Bathtub Plug and Unclogging the Drain

  • First thing that you can do is to remove the cap.
    • The cap must first be unscrewed which is located over your pop-up bathtub plug.
    • It should be turn a few times before you can take it off and place it in a safe place so that you will not lose it and easy to look for when you want to reinstall back the plug.

    When you are removing bathtub plugs or any other metal components from your tub, it is recommended that you place a towel on your room’s floor in order to protect it from being scratch or chipped enamel caused by accidentally dropped tool or components.

  • In order to remove the pop-up bathtub plug, you need to use a screwdriver.
    • You must take your screwdriver and place it on the screw that holds your pop-up bathtub plug tight.
    • Then, turn the screw until it loosen up which is enough for you to pull it out.
    • Make sure to place the screw and the cap in a safe place so that you will not lose it and easy to look for when you want to reinstall it.
  • Next step that you need to do is to find the reason that is causing your drain to clog and start to remove it.
    • You need to use flashlight in order to look down on the dark drain area so that you would be able to see where the clog is.
    • For a standard drain, you would be able to find a drain catcher down beneath the drain that enables you to see any build up of hair as well as other items that cause your drain to clog.
    • You can even use your screwdriver or your wire coat hanger to take out the entire gunk inside the drain. This technique might take several times in order to clear all of the clog items out of the drain before you proceed to run hot water (not boiling water) down the drain and leave it for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to check whether the clog has already been clear or not.
  • Once you have finished doing the above step, you need to put your pop-up bathtub plug and the cap back to its original position.
    • Take your pop-up plug along with your screwdriver and place it at its original location.
    • Then, turn the screw securely but make sure that it is not too tight.
    • Next, you should put its cap back on and turn it until it is firmly secure.
    • Make sure that you run some hot water on top of it in order to wash off any residue or remains away.

When you are using any type of liquid drain cleaners, you need to be extra careful because all of the products contain chemicals that can harm your skin. Once you finished applying a liquid cleaner onto your bathtub, you should always remember not to use the bathtub for a few hours. This is because remnants content from your drain cleaner can seep up from your drain and move into your bathtub water. It is important for you to flush the drain completely by using clear water.

Always remember that whenever you want to remove your pop-up bathtub plug and also unclog the drain

  • You can use a vacuum or even a plunger but you must make sure to get lots of suction as possible in order to loosen up the clog. This is because the debris was impacted during its way down and it will makes thing easier if you would be able to dislodge them by pulling it back up instead of packing it so hard which can result into it getting jammed in certain area of your drain.
  • Whenever you are cleaning your bathtub using a liquid drain cleaner and then you notice that the drain is still clogged. You need to seek help from professional plumber so that appropriate measures should be made.
  • You should wrap your cap threads with Teflon tape in a clockwise manner before reinstalling it back to the drain because it will help you seal better and make it easier to remove it in future.
  • You can also make use of baking soda, vinegar and hot water regularly or once a month through the drain so that it can help you dissolve any grease accumulated inside it. It also helps your drain smells much better and fresher.
  • Remember not to use chemicals which are too strong whenever you are trying to clean the drains because it is dangerous and toxic as well as hazardous to your health.

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