Tips for Using Cutting Board with Fabric


Whenever you cut fabric using your cutting board system, you would be able to get a precise cuts and able to create repetitious shapes in a fast and easy manner. Cutting boards are considered as simple mats and normally designed with measurement grids which are printed on its surface. Most of the mats are known to be self healing due to the cuts that will be disappearing right after you make them and it can also last for a long period of time. Meanwhile, other boards that come with built-in straight edges and alignment guides helps you improve on the cutting precision and speed. You will notice that every cut are made with the help of the rotary cutting blades.


To use cutting boards with fabric, you need:

  • Laundered fabric
  • Iron and board
  • Cutting board or system
  • Rotary cutter
  • Straight edge (optional)


How to Use Cutting Board with Fabric

Tips for Using Cutting Board with Fabric

  • The first thing that you need to do is to pre-wash your fabric and if you feel it is necessary, you can also iron the fabric.
    • Then, using a small mat, you would be able to position your fabric precisely on the mat with preprinted markings.
    • Next step is to cut through your fabric to the surface of the mat by using steady pressure and also a rotary cutter.
    • The above step would help you in creating fast, clean edges for any task that does not requires precision.


Whenever you want to choose a cutting board for your kitchen, make sure that you choose the appropriate one that suits to all your needs and also consider the budget that you have. You need to also consider what is the cutting board will be used for. It is a waste of money if you purchase expensive cutting system if you will not be using it on a daily basis.


  • If you want to do a large project, then you need to have a larger mat. You can do this by laying down several pieces of fabrics on your cutting surface.
    • You will notice that some system comes with fabric clamps that enable you to hold the fabric in place while you cut it.
    • As for expensive cutters, you will find that it uses cutting guides made of transparent acrylic that ride along tracks. This method enables you to produce a more exact cut.
    • There are also systems that have additional guide arms that enable you to reload the fabric to the same measurement for projects with lots of pieces especially if the size is the similar. The guide arms are normally easy to be removed once your task is completed.


  • You can angle the cutting guides whenever you want to cut different angles without the need to move your fabric.
    • As for more complex shapes, you can cut them without the need to reposition them. This helps you saves the cutting time and also any error that comes with it.


  • In order to cut through more layers of fabric at one go, you can simply make use of a large rotary wheels.

    Always remember that whenever you want to use cutting board with fabric,

    • Make sure that you start by using a small mat along with an inexpensive rotary tool so that you would be able to see how well they work when you use them. Most people find that cutting boards and mats is more suitable for cutting long, straight cuts, and also for fast cutting.
    • Always be careful when using the rotary wheels because you can easily cuts your finger.


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