Turning an Old CD into a Fancy Clock

Old CD

If you never knew what to do with all your unwanted old CDs which do not work anymore, here\’s an idea of how you can turn them into fancy clocks that you can give away as gifts.

Old CD into a Fancy Clock

  1. First, dismantle an old clock that still works. It may be a clock with a discoloured face, or even one that is partially broken, as long as the clockwork still functions. What you need is the clockwork; you can discard the rest away or save it for another project, depending on the materials. It is okay if one of the needles is broken, you can easily replace that later.
  2. Decide on the theme for your clock. For the sake of this example, we will be making a Christmas-themed clock based on the song, “Twelve Days of Christmas”. Search the internet for the following pictures: a partridge in a pear tree, two turtle doves, three French hens, four calling birds, five golden rings, six geese-a-laying, seven swans-a-swimming, eight maids-a-milking, nine ladies dancing, ten lords-a-leaping, eleven pipers piping and twelve drummers drumming. Each picture will signify its respective number.
  3. Once you have all your pictures, you can now start on the blank CD. Use the side of the CD that is shiny and empty. You can decorate this side of the CD either by writing down the lyrics of the last verse, or even drawing other Christmas decorations on it. A good example would be to draw a big Christmas wreath all around the CD. You can use permanent markers or even acrylic paint to draw your design onto the CD. If you choose to work with acrylic paint, mix in a bit of dishwashing detergent so that it will stick better to the CD surface.
  4. Remove the hands of the clock. Fit the back of the clock onto the back of the CD. If the hole is too big, you may have to cut out a piece of cardboard that is the size of the CD and stick it on the back of the CD first before you poke the clockwork through. Once you have the clockwork fixed in, fix the hands of the clock back on. If the hands have broken, you will have to replace them, or cover them up with something else. A great idea would be to have the two hands of a clock shaped like mistletoe.
  5. You can now stick the twelve pictures according to their respective numbers.
  6. Your personalized clock is now complete. You can now place it standing on the mantelpiece during Christmas, or even give them away as presents.

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